Snowy Saturday

Hmm. So, I guess my Spring post was a little presumptive…because it is currently snowing on my spring parade!!! :( Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE a good snow flurry (just ask my hubs, I may or may not have watched Frozen 5 times this week…#springbreakprobz), and snow pictures are some of my favorites ever…

Facebook 5 Star Edit-1663_STOMP


But, come ON Winter…enough is enough! We want Spring!!!! Lake breezes, freshly cut grass, sunny days, windows rolled down, Easter fun, flowers everywhere…BAH I can’t wait!!! So, to help us remember what we have to look forward to, I thought I’d post some of my favorite sunny photos from the last year or two. These get me so pumped for bright shoots & green green grass…Here’s to hoping we see Spring soon!

Web-5-Star-Edits-9068_STOMP.jpg Web-5-Star-Edits-8953_STOMP.jpg Web-5-Star-Edit-0007_STOMP.jpg FBRed-2661_STOMP.jpg FBRed-3_STOMP.jpg FB-3461_STOMP.jpg 5-Star-Edits-0565_STOMP.jpg 5-Star-Edits-0366_STOMP.jpg

Bah, I just love all the warm colors, sun flair, and LAUGHTER!!! :) Come on Spring, we’re ready for you!!

Oh, and to celebrate my Frozen obsession, you should probably watch these hilarious videos too :)

Happy Saturday! :)