#TBT: Nana-Banana & Poppy-Seed

In honor of #throwbackThursday, I thought I’d throw it way back to a few Thanksgivings ago & that time I snuck in some photos of one of my FAVORITE couples in the whole wide world: Nana & Papa!


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The love these two have for each other & those around them has no words. My grandparents are such an inspiration to me and I am so incredibly thankful for all of the love & life-lessons they have shared! Living in another state makes it hard to keep in touch all the time, but nothing makes me happier than a voice-mail, phone-call, letter, or even the occasional text from the two of them (always signed: “Love, Nana & Papa”, of course! :P )

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Just this past month, I received a letter in the mail from my Papa with a short post-it and a photo-copy of a few pages of a book. The note said they thought I would find the article interesting, and as I read it, tears came to my eyes. I had spoken with them a few days earlier about the frustration and helplessness I was feeling with some of my students — it didn’t seem to matter what I did or how I did it…nothing was reaching them. The article was titled “Called to Teach”, and I want to share one specific quote that stood out to me as I read:

American education in general needs to regain a sense of teaching as “vocation”, of teaching as a calling. By transmitting the knowledge of the past, and the culture of the present, to our students, we enable and equip them to continue the world and perhaps even change it– for the better, we hope. Beyond the low pay, long hours, the infrequent recognition, teachers need to affirm the devotion to values, intellectual and moral, inherent in the profession”(Fong 306).

Web 5 Star Edit-9879_STOMPIt was so encouraging for me to know that even though we only talked for 10 minutes, Nana & Papa were still thinking and praying for me — thinking and praying for my students! The faith & trust they have in God blows me away, and I am just so thankful for them :)

Web 5 Star Edit-9898_STOMPLove this cute one of my mom & her parents :)

Who are the people who speak truth into your life? Figure them out, and, while you’re at it, figure out who the ones are that are filling you with doubt and negativity as well! I recently read a quote stating we become the average of the 5 people we spend the most time around…so let’s start spreading some LIFE.

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Who can you equip & encourage today? 

Happy Thursday!

PS I am SUPER excited for a fun mini-session to share with you all this weekend — make sure to check back on Saturday for some sweet pics :) Until then, have a wonderful week!!!