Easter Weekend

Hello hello, and Happy Friday!

I’m lucky enough to have this day off, which means lots of cleaning, organizing, and relaxing before the Malloy fam arrives later this afternoon! I am so stinkin’ excited for an entire weekend with my family — and the fact that it’s Easter Weekend (and my Dad’s birthday!!!!!) could not make it any better :)

While I am SO looking forward to seeing all of my family, I really can’t wait to celebrate my Dad and am SO thankful to have him as my father. He makes me laugh, supports me in whatever I do, encourages me always, and is my #1 fan. I know I can always turn to him for advice, and I love how he isn’t afraid to give me some hard truth even when it’s the last thing I want to hear (or, maybe I should say in reflection, I love how does this…:) Haha!). No one has taught me more about unconditional love than him, and I am so thankful that he chose to call me his daughter!! Our God is a God who redeems :) I love you Dad!!!!1014453_10151964768176356_1240262334_n_STOMP

(Can I get an AMEN for Facebook photos!? :) )

On another note, I had a FANTASTIC Costco/Trader Joe’s trip yesterday! In addition to yummy things to eat, I walked away with some gorgeous tulips. I am so so pumped for the springy feel our #tinyapartmentBIGspirit is taking on :) I just LOVE fresh flowers — not sure why, but they always put a smile on my face! We also just got our first Anthro candle — the infamous VOLCANO scent!!! Needless to say, I’m sure it won’t be our last :)

418POSTFR-3183_STOMPNow I am off to run some last minute errands, finish the laundry, and otherwise enjoy today! Praying that you would be filled with hope on this Good Friday. Even when our circumstances seem overwhelming: as if there is no way out and nothing left to do — remember that OUR GOD is greater! Imagine what Jesus’s friends and family felt today….as if all of their hopes and dreams, everything they ever believed in, was crushed. But thank goodness that’s not the end of the story :) He redeems!

Happy Friday, and lots of love,


P.S. I got to enjoy my chai tea this morning in this AWESOME mug courtesy of Kat over at Dear Sweetheart Events. I have SO enjoyed connecting with other bloggers / photogs in the past few months, and her blog is one of my favorites! Check it out here :) As always, Be Happy, and Do Good.

Screenshot 2014-04-18 11.12.44(#instie photo — follow me!!)



Snowy Saturday

Hmm. So, I guess my Spring post was a little presumptive…because it is currently snowing on my spring parade!!! :( Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE a good snow flurry (just ask my hubs, I may or may not have watched Frozen 5 times this week…#springbreakprobz), and snow pictures are some of my favorites ever…

Facebook 5 Star Edit-1663_STOMP


But, come ON Winter…enough is enough! We want Spring!!!! Lake breezes, freshly cut grass, sunny days, windows rolled down, Easter fun, flowers everywhere…BAH I can’t wait!!! So, to help us remember what we have to look forward to, I thought I’d post some of my favorite sunny photos from the last year or two. These get me so pumped for bright shoots & green green grass…Here’s to hoping we see Spring soon!

Web-5-Star-Edits-9068_STOMP.jpg Web-5-Star-Edits-8953_STOMP.jpg Web-5-Star-Edit-0007_STOMP.jpg FBRed-2661_STOMP.jpg FBRed-3_STOMP.jpg FB-3461_STOMP.jpg 5-Star-Edits-0565_STOMP.jpg 5-Star-Edits-0366_STOMP.jpg

Bah, I just love all the warm colors, sun flair, and LAUGHTER!!! :) Come on Spring, we’re ready for you!!

Oh, and to celebrate my Frozen obsession, you should probably watch these hilarious videos too :)

Happy Saturday! :)