Mastin Family + Maternity Photos // Holland, MI

Remember this gorgeous momma & daughter from Monday’s sneak peek?!?

2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6901_STOMPYeah, I didn’t think you could forget :P

Maggie is my cousin/basically sister, and I was SO excited to get the chance to stay with her and her hubs + Raena this past Thursday before my girl’s weekend in Michigan!!! We made a photo session out of it to document Raena’s 2 year birthday (close enough..:) ) and Maggie’s baby bump #2!!!! It was a PERFECT day and I had so much fun running around Holland with them!! And run we did….Raena was on a WAR PATH!! Ha!! I’m pretty sure she never sat still for the entire session!!! Thank goodness for fast shutter speeds & my past XC experience…woot woot! :)

I’m just warning you now…this is gonna be a long one :)

Meet Raena!2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6718_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6724_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6753_STOMP

I love a session full of lots of laughter :)

2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6765_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6774_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6774-2_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6795_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6806_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6807_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6814_STOMP

These next few are some of my FAVORITES!! Mags specifically asked for some fun pictures of her & Raena — since she is normally the one behind the camera, she didn’t have too many already!

2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6818_STOMP2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6901_STOMP2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6824_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6845_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6880_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6882-2_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6887_STOMP2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6906_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6946_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6984_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6989_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7000_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7022_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7062-2_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7065_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7099_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7117_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7143_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7151_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7166_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7194_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7194-2_STOMP

How gorgeous is Mags?!?!?

2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7243_STOMP

Near the end of the ssession we grabbed some type of cinnamon roll made straight from heaven. It was THAT good.2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7279_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7300_STOMP

So, while Raena was distracted with the yummy-goodness, we took a few shots of just Maggie & Jeff :)

2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7315_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7319_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7334_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7363_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7369_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7375_STOMP

This next image is a throwback to when RAENA was still just a little “bud” — we took the same picture with her future baby shoes & baby bump, so obviously we had to repeat for Baby Mastin #2! Love Raena’s hands reaching up :)2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7402_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7438_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7444_STOMP

And just so you can compare…here is the photo from two years ago and this past weekend’s side-by-side :)

Web 5 Star Edits-0923_STOMP

So fun!!!!

Mags & Jeff — Thanks so much for letting me stay with you, snuggle your little munchkin, & take your family photos — I can’t WAIT to meet this new Mastin — he/she is the luckiest little bean in the world to have you both for parents! Love you three (soon-to-be-four!!) so much and am so thankful for you all!!!

love love love,



Monday Lovin’: No Perfect People, Pants, or Play-Dough Crumbs Allowed

Well hey there!! Hope this Monday finds you encouraged & equipped for the week ahead — sometimes it can be a little overwhelming going into a full week with lots on the agenda, but, as I was reminded at church yesterday, it’s all about the little steps! So take courage friend, and don’t be afraid to take some risks — even if it opens you up to the possibility of failure, it’s also the only way to possibly succeed!!

Things I am loving this Monday…

>>>This song by Drew Holcomb :) I fell in love  the very first time I heard it thanks to the wonderful Addie Zimmerman (you might have caught her popular blog post — “For The One Who Married Young” a few months back…)

>>>All the momma love on the internet this past weekend :) I am so blessed to have been given such an amazing, loving, hilarious, beautiful, awesome, supportive, WONDERFUL mother, and I am so thankful for her! It was so neat for me to see all of the shout-outs to moms around the world — and I LOVED the shout-outs to the “unofficial” moms as well :)

>>>This message by the AMAZING wife of our pastor yesterday:

I LOVED her talk, and felt super encouraged afterwards — as a girl who was/still-kinda-is afraid of way too many things, a talk on courage & the freedom to fail always hits the spot. I especially loved her point on enabling — it will be near the end of the video. Too often we let our story be an excuse for why we can’t do something/sin/are the way we are…”Well ________ happened to me so I get to be bitter”, or “I didn’t have ______ growing up, so it’s okay that I ____”, or even: “Well, God gives grace so I can do _________ & he will forgive me!! Right?!?”. Yes we aren’t perfect, and no we don’t have it all together, and yes terrible things happen…but THANK GOODNESS we have a God who not only accepts us the way we are, but who also redeems our stories. #noperfectpeople

>>>That I got to hang out with some of my favorite Cleveland kiddos on Saturday while their parents were out of town for wedding fun! If you follow me on instagram, Nate & Layla’s cute faces & AWESOME hair will be nothing new to see :) So thankful for this family & all of the joy they have brought Chris and I!!! Also, I’m obsessed with Layla’s face in the play-dough squeezing pics…HAHA!! SO. MUCH. EFFORT.

2014.5.9 Vickers Lifestyle 5 Star-3450_STOMP 2014.5.9 Vickers Lifestyle 5 Star-3453_STOMP 2014.5.9 Vickers Lifestyle 5 Star-3474_STOMPMy favorite little dude :)2014.5.9 Vickers Lifestyle 5 Star-3418_STOMP 2014.5.9 Vickers Lifestyle 5 Star-3445_STOMP 2014.5.9 Vickers Lifestyle 5 Star-3463_STOMP 2014.5.9 Vickers Lifestyle 5 Star-3562_STOMPSee what I mean?!?!? HAHA love her :)2014.5.9 Vickers Lifestyle 5 Star-3530_STOMP 2014.5.9 Vickers Lifestyle 5 Star-3508_STOMP 2014.5.9 Vickers Lifestyle 5 Star-3498_STOMP 2014.5.9 Vickers Lifestyle 5 Star-3461_STOMP

>>>And to end on a funny note, I am DEFINITELY loving the fact that I’m not wearing pants at work today :) HAHA! I told my first period that after a girl complimented my dress and I may or may not have gotten a lot of weird looks…but that’s what a dress is for, am I right?! :)

Happy Monday!








List Love & A Spring Giveaway: ONE FREE SESSION!!

Lists. I LOVE them! As a teacher, photographer, wife, daughter, friend, and otherwise creative enthusiast, I am FOREVER making lists. Why you may ask? Well, let me list the reasons :)

5 Reasons Why This Girl Loves Lists:

1. Organization. This one’s pretty much self-explanatory. I wear a lot of different hats throughout the day — lists help me get everything done!! Sometimes just creating one makes me feel accomplished, even if I don’t actually get to a single thing on the list right away!! Grocery lists, Teacher lists, Photography lists, Cleaning lists, To-Do lists…bah, I love ’em!

2. Doodling opportunities. Fun titles, creative bullet points, unique fonts — the list goes on! (haha, the list goes on…get it?!?) This step is one of my favorites as a good doodle always increases motivation to complete any & all tasks on the list in the first place :)

3. Crossing things off.  Where else can you get automatic productivity & sense of accomplishment, no matter how menial a task!? Best. thing. ever.

4. Adding more things to the already created list with the sole purpose of immediately crossing them off :) Come on, I know you’ve done it too. Nothing is worse than staring at a list without a single thing marked off…why not throw in a crossed-out “wake up” or “get dressed” to add in a little encouragement?!

5. And finally, because a good to-do list just makes everything better! (Except for when my students are answering a prompt specifically requesting complete paragraphs, and they choose to bullet-point away. GRRRR!!!)

I used to think my love for lists was a little odd, but thanks to BuzzFeed, pretty much the ENTIRE WORLD loves lists now too! They are EVERYWHERE, and I’m not that upset about that.

Annnnyway, you might be wondering why I am blabbing away about lists…and that is because I am officially crossing another bad-boy off of my photo blogging list today!!! WOOHOO!! :) I am SO excited about today’s list item: my first official GIVEAWAY!! That’s right, I am giving away a FREE PORTRAIT SESSION to one lucky fan!!! This could be a family session, kiddos, engagement, anniversary, senior — WHATEVER! The options are limitless :)

Spring Giveaway 2014 Version 2 Black_STOMP


All you have to do to enter is:

1) Share this photo or blog entry on your own Facebook wall and

2) Comment on the photo on Facebook!

**********For a bonus entry, leave a comment on this blog post too :) ***********

I will choose from all the entries and announce the winner on May 1st to celebrate being one month closer to SUMMER!! :) :)

Happy Wednesday, and may the odds be ever  in your favor :P