Jerome & Ashley | A Sweet Brunch Wedding | June 7, 2014

From Ashley:

“Jerome was an intern at Journey Church, and my family recently started attending one summer. I was sitting in church one day when my mom and I were having a discussion about dating. She told me that if I married a man who worships as freely as “that man on stage” she would be extremely happy. Of course she was pointing to the bassist, who happened to be Jerome. A couple months later I was sitting in the seating area in the hall, and an intern came to tape up new posters on the walls. He said “Hi, I’m Jerome, crazy guy on stage.” And promptly left. Not even an hour later I had a friend request on Facebook and a message saying, “Hi, I’m Jerome, so funny how you came up as a friend suggestion.” …. Little did I know, I wasn’t a friend suggestion after all — he had asked someone for my name! Two months of super long emails back and forth we went on our first date to glow in the dark mini golf, Five Guys, and The Princess Bride. And we both lived happily ever after.”

From Jerome:

My favorite thing about her is that she is my best friend. She is my favorite person to be around. Whether we’re just watching TV, swapping jokes we’ve heard over the day, or just relaxing because of a really difficult day, she’s the only one I want to always see every single day.


Guys. How sweet is Jerome and Ashley’s story?! I’ll be honest, it gave me goosebumps when I first heard it told to me during our initial fro-yo meeting last summer :) One of my favorite things about being a photographer is being given the chance to tell a story — and their’s is a beautiful one. And this is only the beginning!! Jerome and Ashley have such a bright future ahead of them, and they could not have asked for a more beautiful day to become husband and wife! Thank you both for giving me a chance to be a part of your day; it is always an honor, and I am incredibly thankful. Enjoy!!

2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-4572_STOMP
2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-4604_STOMP2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-5907_STOMPI shared this image below earlier this week — it was such a sweet moment. Ashley gave her mom a beautifully written card and anchor necklace to thank her for being her “anchor”…definitely a highlight of the morning.2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-4593_STOMP 2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-4803_STOMPMeanwhile, the boys were being boys…Ha!2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-4735_STOMP2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-4730_STOMP2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-4779_STOMPRight before the guests started arriving, Ashley and Jerome met in the front of the church to hold hands and say a quick prayer together thanking God for bringing them to this moment together.2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-4827-2_STOMP

2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-4830_STOMPAnd then the ceremony began!2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-4908_STOMP 2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-4968_STOMP2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-4929_STOMP2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-5011_STOMP 2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-5027_STOMP2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-5088_STOMP 2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-5104-2_STOMP 2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-5183_STOMPWe headed to North Olmstead for photos by a favorite covered bridge of Ashley’s and ventured around from there.2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-5326_STOMP 2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-5378_STOMPHaha! 2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-5395_STOMP2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-5411_STOMP 2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-5462_STOMP2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-5516_STOMP2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-5507_STOMP 2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-5508_STOMP 2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-5512_STOMP2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-5517_STOMP 2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-5545_STOMP 2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-5557_STOMP2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-5607_STOMP 2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-5651_STOMP 2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-5666_STOMP 2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-5696_STOMP 2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-5720_STOMP 2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-5743_STOMPNothin’ like a #selfie with the Pastor!!2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-5777_STOMPLove the one on the right with Grandma watching on…2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-5790_STOMP 2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-5825_STOMP2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-5857_STOMP

2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-6033_STOMP 2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-6277_STOMP2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-6208_STOMP2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-6297_STOMP

Ashley and Jerome, Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your special day!! I had so much fun and loved celebrating you two all day long :) Congratulations, and best wishes to you both!

love love love,



Monday Lovin’: No Perfect People, Pants, or Play-Dough Crumbs Allowed

Well hey there!! Hope this Monday finds you encouraged & equipped for the week ahead — sometimes it can be a little overwhelming going into a full week with lots on the agenda, but, as I was reminded at church yesterday, it’s all about the little steps! So take courage friend, and don’t be afraid to take some risks — even if it opens you up to the possibility of failure, it’s also the only way to possibly succeed!!

Things I am loving this Monday…

>>>This song by Drew Holcomb :) I fell in love  the very first time I heard it thanks to the wonderful Addie Zimmerman (you might have caught her popular blog post — “For The One Who Married Young” a few months back…)

>>>All the momma love on the internet this past weekend :) I am so blessed to have been given such an amazing, loving, hilarious, beautiful, awesome, supportive, WONDERFUL mother, and I am so thankful for her! It was so neat for me to see all of the shout-outs to moms around the world — and I LOVED the shout-outs to the “unofficial” moms as well :)

>>>This message by the AMAZING wife of our pastor yesterday:

I LOVED her talk, and felt super encouraged afterwards — as a girl who was/still-kinda-is afraid of way too many things, a talk on courage & the freedom to fail always hits the spot. I especially loved her point on enabling — it will be near the end of the video. Too often we let our story be an excuse for why we can’t do something/sin/are the way we are…”Well ________ happened to me so I get to be bitter”, or “I didn’t have ______ growing up, so it’s okay that I ____”, or even: “Well, God gives grace so I can do _________ & he will forgive me!! Right?!?”. Yes we aren’t perfect, and no we don’t have it all together, and yes terrible things happen…but THANK GOODNESS we have a God who not only accepts us the way we are, but who also redeems our stories. #noperfectpeople

>>>That I got to hang out with some of my favorite Cleveland kiddos on Saturday while their parents were out of town for wedding fun! If you follow me on instagram, Nate & Layla’s cute faces & AWESOME hair will be nothing new to see :) So thankful for this family & all of the joy they have brought Chris and I!!! Also, I’m obsessed with Layla’s face in the play-dough squeezing pics…HAHA!! SO. MUCH. EFFORT.

2014.5.9 Vickers Lifestyle 5 Star-3450_STOMP 2014.5.9 Vickers Lifestyle 5 Star-3453_STOMP 2014.5.9 Vickers Lifestyle 5 Star-3474_STOMPMy favorite little dude :)2014.5.9 Vickers Lifestyle 5 Star-3418_STOMP 2014.5.9 Vickers Lifestyle 5 Star-3445_STOMP 2014.5.9 Vickers Lifestyle 5 Star-3463_STOMP 2014.5.9 Vickers Lifestyle 5 Star-3562_STOMPSee what I mean?!?!? HAHA love her :)2014.5.9 Vickers Lifestyle 5 Star-3530_STOMP 2014.5.9 Vickers Lifestyle 5 Star-3508_STOMP 2014.5.9 Vickers Lifestyle 5 Star-3498_STOMP 2014.5.9 Vickers Lifestyle 5 Star-3461_STOMP

>>>And to end on a funny note, I am DEFINITELY loving the fact that I’m not wearing pants at work today :) HAHA! I told my first period that after a girl complimented my dress and I may or may not have gotten a lot of weird looks…but that’s what a dress is for, am I right?! :)

Happy Monday!