#happyinCLE: Little Italy

After a fun morning romping around Cleveland, the Os are in rest-mode: Chris & Dennis are watching the Pacer’s and Terri is napping, so I decided it would be a perfect time to throw together a quick post to share some fun photos from our adventure!

While Chris & I are definitely #teamWestSide, we decided it was a good day to venture over to the East side of Cleveland, and I am so glad we did! After showing off the Clinic & all of it’s awesomeness, we decided Little Italy was calling our name!! But of course, we got a bit turned around a few times & ended up touring a beautiful cemetery first…which I wasn’t a bit sad about :)

2014.4.26 Little Italy 5 Star-3294_STOMP.jpg2014.4.26 Little Italy 5 Star-3293_STOMP.jpg

(All of these photos were taken out of the car window as we drove…HAHA!)

After making it out of the maze, we finally arrived at Little Italy : a unique little spot full of eclectic designs & historic buildings. 2014.4.26 Little Italy 5 Star-3397_STOMP.jpg

As we were walking around admiring the different shops & bakeries, I kept noticing different fire hydrants, so I decided to snap a pic of a few :) Who knew they could be so fun?!2014.4.26 Little Italy 5 Star-3305_STOMP.jpg
I especially LOVED all of the different texture & patterns on all of the buildings. Old meeting new…sigh :)2014.4.26 Little Italy 5 Star-3310_STOMP.jpg
2014.4.26 Little Italy 5 Star-3316_STOMP.jpg
2014.4.26 Little Italy 5 Star-3349_STOMP.jpg
2014.4.26 Little Italy 5 Star-3345_STOMP.jpg
Chris made such a cute model :P2014.4.26 Little Italy 5 Star-3339_STOMP.jpg
And talk about these fun DOORS!! Oh my goodness, how cool are these?!?! So much character! I’m obsessed.2014.4.26 Little Italy 5 Star-3337_STOMP.jpg
2014.4.26 Little Italy 5 Star-3329_STOMP.jpg
I also thought this little tomato holder thing on the right was so neat :)2014.4.26 Little Italy 5 Star-3324_STOMP.jpg
2014.4.26 Little Italy 5 Star-3372_STOMP.jpg2014.4.26 Little Italy 5 Star-3391_STOMP.jpg
After walking around for a while, we decided to grab a pizza pie at Mama Santa’s…yummy!!! Probably the best pizza place in the world, and it smells SO. STINKIN. GOOD!!!2014.4.26 Little Italy 5 Star-3383_STOMP.jpg
With full bellies & happy hearts, we headed back to the car! As we walked, Terri pointed out these adorable steps & cute bench — LOVE them so much!!2014.4.26 Little Italy 5 Star-3355_STOMP.jpg

I just loved getting to see all of the CHARACTER, history, & pizzaz of Little Italy — definitely a unique place with lots to offer! :) Hope you are all having a wonderful Saturday too. For my Cleveland friends, I would LOVE to hear from you about your favorite parts of Cleveland!!! What are your go-to spots when people come to visit? Comment below & let me know!

Happy Saturday!