#waybackwednesday: Fall 2013 Mini Sessions

Hello hello hello!!!! Today’s #waybackwednesday catch-up post is pretty fitting, seeing as Cleveland is a little confused these days and thinks that it is already FALL!!! Haha! I wanted to share some of my mini-sessions from last October and November. You may recognize some of these kiddos as they are some of my favorite repeat clients & definitely no stranger to the blog/facebook :)

This first session took place at Edgewater Park on quite possibly the windiest and CHILLIEST day of the fall!! (Mother Nature giving us a little preview of the winter I guess..:P ) Poor Lucy was FREEZING and didn’t want to leave mom’s warm hugs, but we still managed to get some cute shots :)

FB-3276-2_STOMP.jpgOne of my favorite mom-daught pics EVER!! :)
FB-3299_STOMP.jpgThis next session was with my nanny kiddos that I love so so much — we had a blast adventuring around the metroparks & playing in the rocks!!FBRed--2_STOMP.jpgFBRed-1968_STOMP.jpg

How gorgeous is Toni?!?! I was sort of in shock when she told me she chopped off her hair…but it’s AWESOME & she totally rocks it :) :)
FBRed-2039_STOMP.jpgThese next family photos are SO MUCH FUN & totally capture that Vickers spirit :P
FBRed-2066_STOMP.jpgOh Nate :) What a stud!!
FBRed-2142_STOMP.jpgAnd then we have Ella & Claire :) You might recognize these two from Henry’s Newborn Session — where they ROCKED their big sister shoot! Lots of love with these two :) FBRed-2177_STOMP.jpgThose eyes!!! FBRed-2185_STOMP.jpg

FBRed-2195_STOMP.jpgWho knew leaves could be so FUN?! :)
FBRed-2244_STOMP.jpgWe busted out the rain boots for some water fun near the end :) SO cute!!
FBRed-2267_STOMP.jpgAnd yes, their matching outfits are adorable :)
FBRed-2279_STOMP.jpgNext up — Kate, Doug, & ANGIE!!! Haha, Kate is one of my work besties & I had heard a lot about Angie…but never quite realized just how BIG she was until we met this beautiful Fall day!!! :) FBRed-2547_STOMP.jpg
FBRed-2578_STOMP.jpgAngie pretty much stole all of the attention during this session :)
FBRed-2639_STOMP.jpgBut we made sure to take a few quick shots of just Kate & Doug!!! Love these ones :)
FBRed-2661_STOMP.jpgLast but definitely not least, we have Mike & Becky’s downtown mini-session!!! This was my first time shooting in the city, and it was SO much fun!!! Very fitting of these two & their hipster selves :P Mike is probably the biggest Cleveland fan I know, so of course we got some shots of his hat!!
FBRed-2366_STOMP.jpgSo much laughter :)
FBRed-2505_STOMP.jpgAnd that’s a wrap!!!! Haha, this post ended up being a lot longer than I thought it would be & I probably could have broken it up into a few separate guys…buuuut that’s no fun :) Hope you all are having a WONDERFUL week — and just in case you missed my big #instie sneak peek last night, I’ll go ahead and share one last photo with you all from the ‘gram…Screenshot 2014-07-30 09.53.57That’s right folks, my brand new website is ALMOST DONE!!! As much as I love this little wordpress space, I am SO. EXCITED. to have a place of my own — full of beautiful photos, fun sliders, sassy golds, and pretty hand-lettering :) Be on the lookout for some more peeks at its awesomeness…can’t wait to finally launch it in the next few weeks!! EEK!!!!

:) Happy Wednesday!

Love love love,



Family | The Stilabowers

I absolutely LOVE this little family and am always so excited to get to run around with Charlie for an hour or so whenever we get together :) Nina & Jacob were one of my first repeat families, and it is always so fun to see just how BIG Charlie is getting and catch up along the way! Charlie is such a little man now, but don’t let his big-boy looks fool you — he’s a momma’s boy through & through :)

2014.6.28 Stilabower Family Facebook-0491_STOMP.jpg
2014.6.28 Stilabower Family Facebook-0496_STOMP.jpg
2014.6.28 Stilabower Family Facebook-0504-2_STOMP.jpg
2014.6.28 Stilabower Family Facebook-0504_STOMP.jpg
2014.6.28 Stilabower Family Facebook-0510_STOMP.jpg
2014.6.28 Stilabower Family Facebook-0512_STOMP.jpg
2014.6.28 Stilabower Family Facebook-0515_STOMP.jpg
2014.6.28 Stilabower Family Facebook-0526_STOMP.jpg
2014.6.28 Stilabower Family Facebook-0548_STOMP.jpgBeautiful, Nina!!!
2014.6.28 Stilabower Family Facebook-0562_STOMP.jpg
2014.6.28 Stilabower Family Facebook-0564_STOMP.jpg
2014.6.28 Stilabower Family Facebook-0567_STOMP.jpg
2014.6.28 Stilabower Family Facebook-0581_STOMP.jpg
2014.6.28 Stilabower Family Facebook-0602_STOMP.jpg
2014.6.28 Stilabower Family Facebook-0620_STOMP.jpgHaha, I love these ones — Charlie was ENTHRALLED with the water fall & could’ve spent all day watching it!
2014.6.28 Stilabower Family Facebook-0630_STOMP.jpg
2014.6.28 Stilabower Family Facebook-0633_STOMP.jpg
2014.6.28 Stilabower Family Facebook-0669_STOMP.jpgKisses for Dad!!!
2014.6.28 Stilabower Family Facebook-0671_STOMP.jpg
2014.6.28 Stilabower Family Facebook-0690_STOMP.jpg
2014.6.28 Stilabower Family Facebook-0697_STOMP.jpg
2014.6.28 Stilabower Family Facebook-0699_STOMP.jpg
2014.6.28 Stilabower Family Facebook-0705-2_STOMP.jpg
2014.6.28 Stilabower Family Facebook-0722_STOMP.jpg
2014.6.28 Stilabower Family Facebook-0741_STOMP.jpg
2014.6.28 Stilabower Family Facebook-0749_STOMP.jpg
2014.6.28 Stilabower Family Facebook-0758_STOMP.jpg
2014.6.28 Stilabower Family Facebook-0771_STOMP.jpg
2014.6.28 Stilabower Family Facebook-0776_STOMP.jpg
2014.6.28 Stilabower Family Facebook-0806_STOMP.jpgOh MY, these next ones are so fun!!! Charlie absolutely LOVES firetrucks, so when we saw the station by the canal, we obviously had to venture over & say hello :)
2014.6.28 Stilabower Family Facebook-0828_STOMP.jpg
2014.6.28 Stilabower Family Facebook-0831_STOMP.jpgIt was almost a little too much for him!! Ha!!
2014.6.28 Stilabower Family Facebook-0833_STOMP.jpg
2014.6.28 Stilabower Family Facebook-0834_STOMP.jpgNina and Jake, thank you so much for letting me photograph your family again!!! You have such a beautiful love — Charlie is a lucky little man to have you both for parents :)

2014.6.28 Stilabower Family Facebook-0863_STOMP.jpg
2014.6.28 Stilabower Family Facebook-0876_STOMP.jpgLove love love,



Mastin Family + Maternity Photos // Holland, MI

Remember this gorgeous momma & daughter from Monday’s sneak peek?!?

2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6901_STOMPYeah, I didn’t think you could forget :P

Maggie is my cousin/basically sister, and I was SO excited to get the chance to stay with her and her hubs + Raena this past Thursday before my girl’s weekend in Michigan!!! We made a photo session out of it to document Raena’s 2 year birthday (close enough..:) ) and Maggie’s baby bump #2!!!! It was a PERFECT day and I had so much fun running around Holland with them!! And run we did….Raena was on a WAR PATH!! Ha!! I’m pretty sure she never sat still for the entire session!!! Thank goodness for fast shutter speeds & my past XC experience…woot woot! :)

I’m just warning you now…this is gonna be a long one :)

Meet Raena!2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6718_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6724_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6753_STOMP

I love a session full of lots of laughter :)

2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6765_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6774_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6774-2_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6795_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6806_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6807_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6814_STOMP

These next few are some of my FAVORITES!! Mags specifically asked for some fun pictures of her & Raena — since she is normally the one behind the camera, she didn’t have too many already!

2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6818_STOMP2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6901_STOMP2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6824_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6845_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6880_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6882-2_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6887_STOMP2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6906_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6946_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6984_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-6989_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7000_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7022_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7062-2_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7065_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7099_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7117_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7143_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7151_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7166_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7194_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7194-2_STOMP

How gorgeous is Mags?!?!?

2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7243_STOMP

Near the end of the ssession we grabbed some type of cinnamon roll made straight from heaven. It was THAT good.2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7279_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7300_STOMP

So, while Raena was distracted with the yummy-goodness, we took a few shots of just Maggie & Jeff :)

2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7315_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7319_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7334_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7363_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7369_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7375_STOMP

This next image is a throwback to when RAENA was still just a little “bud” — we took the same picture with her future baby shoes & baby bump, so obviously we had to repeat for Baby Mastin #2! Love Raena’s hands reaching up :)2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7402_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7438_STOMP 2014.6.13 Mastin Family Facebook Red-7444_STOMP

And just so you can compare…here is the photo from two years ago and this past weekend’s side-by-side :)

Web 5 Star Edits-0923_STOMP

So fun!!!!

Mags & Jeff — Thanks so much for letting me stay with you, snuggle your little munchkin, & take your family photos — I can’t WAIT to meet this new Mastin — he/she is the luckiest little bean in the world to have you both for parents! Love you three (soon-to-be-four!!) so much and am so thankful for you all!!!

love love love,