Greg & Becca: An Ohio University Engagement

2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-3902_STOMP

I am so excited to share this awesome couple with you all today!!! Becca contacted me several months ago and asked if I would be willing to travel to Athens for some engagement photos at OU…ummmm, YES!!! I’d heard from friends about how beautiful the campus was, and I couldn’t WAIT to see for myself :) It was only fitting for their session to be in Athens, as she and Greg met and began dating during their time at OU.2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-3813_STOMP

Their excitement to be back on campus was palpable — it is so obvious from all of their stories that their years at OU were some of the best of their lives :) As a semi-recent grad myself, I related completely and was so glad that we were able to make the photos happen in Athens despite the distance!2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-3841_STOMP 2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-3852_STOMPI’ve said it before and I will say it again, but I absolutely LOVE how this job brings so many fun people into my life! Becca and Greg are such a great couple, and I feel so blessed to have been given the chance to capture some beautiful moments in their favorite places :)2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-3905_STOMP2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-3873_STOMP

Also, I’m slightly obsessed with the outfits Becca picked out for the shoot..nothing like a pop of color to make a photo fabulous!2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-3875_STOMPThe laughter & love these two share… :) 2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-3882_STOMP 2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-3892_STOMP2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-3902-2_STOMP2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-3904_STOMP
LOVE these next images — one of my favorite parts of shooting in a new location is finding neat spots & rollin’ with it…and luckily, Greg and Rebecca were all for the spontaneity! I LOVED this white wall against the brick and greenery…and I love this image even more :) :) 2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-3937_STOMP2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-3947_STOMP
2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-3979_STOMP 2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-3942_STOMP

After I had Greg chat up his fiance for some fun poses, we then did a bit of walking.I told Greg to pretend this was him sealin’ the deal…and this was his response :) *cue the Napoleon Dynamite “Yesssssss.”2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-3985_STOMPLove this image on the left!2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-4014_STOMP 2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-4027_STOMP 2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-4060_STOMP2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-4028_STOMP 2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-4049_STOMP 2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-4055_STOMP2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-4090_STOMP 2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-4102_STOMP 2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-4110_STOMPGreg suggested this neat location — because no session is complete without some fountain dancing :)2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-4116_STOMP 2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-4134_STOMPOr hill-running!2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-4173_STOMP 2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-4175_STOMPNext stop was this cute little park in the middle of campus FULL of iconic “OU” landmarks!2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-4212-2_STOMP 2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-4215_STOMP 2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-4218_STOMPGorgeous, Becca!!

2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-4225_STOMP 2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-4271_STOMP

2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-4296_STOMP 2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-4299_STOMP 2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-4316_STOMP

Rebecca was an art student, so we made the trek over to this awesome art wall next — LOVE the variety these shots add to the session :) So cool!!2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-4352_STOMP 2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-4364_STOMP 2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-4407_STOMPFinally, we headed back to Athen’s main strip to finish the session out — I LOVED this fun door :)2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-4420_STOMP 2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-4433_STOMP 2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-4439_STOMP 2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-4466_STOMP 2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-4469_STOMP 2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-4485_STOMP 2014.5.31 5 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-4513_STOMP

Greg and Becca, thank you for such a fun morning this past weekend — I LOVED venturing around Athens with you both! But it was more than the beautiful campus and amazing weather (although those were great perks!) that made this session so perfect — it was you two! The ease you both have together, the way you laugh & tease each other, the love you share…you guys made my job easy, and it is so clear how perfect you are together! I can’t wait to see your wedding plans unfold — I know it will be a beautiful day :) (And not just because Becca is a crafting genius :P Check out her Etsy shop for some super fun prints & cards!!!)

Best wishes and all my love to you both!



Monday Lovin’: Weekend Recap & a Sneak Peek

HELLO and a very happy Monday to ya!!! Hope this morning finds you refreshed & ready for the week ahead — it’s going to be a beautiful one!

The Monday love today is going to be devoted to this past weekend — because it was a GREAT weekend! Really just the past two weekends have been my favorite kind: full of friends, adventures, and yummy food! Haha! So, on that note…things I’m loving on this beautiful June morning:

  • Road trips with my hubs! I had an engagement session down in Athens, OH set for Saturday morning, so C and I decided to make a road-trip out of it and visit/stay with his college roommate Friday night while we were at it! Unfortunately we were up & at ’em by 7am the next morning, so we didn’t get to visit as long as I’d like…or enjoy that leftover Meister’s pizza for breakfast! (another thing I’m loving. YUM!!)
  • Iced Chai Tea. I’ve never been a big coffee fan, but man, the day I discovered Chai Tea Lattes was a pretty great day :) Summer time signals the switch to the iced version — which personally, I love even more :) As we were in Athens, I grabbed an Iced Chai courtesy of Donkey Coffee , and I wasn’t disappointed a bit :) SO. GOOD. For those OU fans out there, I also had a delicious Pub Club sandwich post-engagement shoot from The Pub. Be jealous.
  • College Towns. They are just so great — laid back, unique, and full of history and tradition! Obviously my favorite college town is Bloomington, IN, but Athens reminded me a lot of Btown as well…where else would you find a bunch of people drinking out of beer goblets at 11am on a Saturday?!?! :)
  • OUR PUPPY!!! Post-engagement session C and I drove out to Amish Country to visit Erma & her puppies, and OH.MY.GOSH. I’m in love!!! I have been a little nervous about getting a new puppy, but after seeing them in action and experiencing all the cuddles & puppy love, I just can’t wait!! We get to pick up Puppy O for good the last week of June, and it can’t get here soon enough!!
  • Cookouts!! The beginning of summer means all sorts of grilling fun: hot dogs, hamburgers, yummy pasta sides, delicious desserts, fruit salads…you name it! There is nothing better than sitting around a table/bonfire/backyard with the best of friends and just enjoying life together :) Living in a tiny apartment means Chris and I don’t get to host many of our own (except for that time when Chris roasted marshmallows in our oven with a fork…), so it’s been so great to enjoy our friends’ backyards and company throughout the past week :)

And finally, I’m really loving engagement sessions! I don’t know if  it’s all the excitement for the future the couple holds, or that getting photos together makes the proposal all the more real, or if it’s because an engagement session was the first “real” session I did starting out — but a good E-session just holds a special place in my heart :) This past Saturday’s was no different. I had never met Rebecca or Greg before that morning, but by the end of our session I felt like I was with old friends! They were full of love, life, and great ideas, they laughed at my craziness, and they just made our time together a BLAST! :) Looking through their photos makes me so happy as I think about all the adventures they have ahead of them — can’t wait to show you the rest later this week!

2014.5.31 Greg and Rebecca Facebook Red-3902_STOMP

For now, this sneak peek will have to do :)

What do you love most about summer weekends? I would love to hear your thoughts below — leave a comment and let me know!!

Happy Monday!!




List Love & A Spring Giveaway: ONE FREE SESSION!!

Lists. I LOVE them! As a teacher, photographer, wife, daughter, friend, and otherwise creative enthusiast, I am FOREVER making lists. Why you may ask? Well, let me list the reasons :)

5 Reasons Why This Girl Loves Lists:

1. Organization. This one’s pretty much self-explanatory. I wear a lot of different hats throughout the day — lists help me get everything done!! Sometimes just creating one makes me feel accomplished, even if I don’t actually get to a single thing on the list right away!! Grocery lists, Teacher lists, Photography lists, Cleaning lists, To-Do lists…bah, I love ’em!

2. Doodling opportunities. Fun titles, creative bullet points, unique fonts — the list goes on! (haha, the list goes on…get it?!?) This step is one of my favorites as a good doodle always increases motivation to complete any & all tasks on the list in the first place :)

3. Crossing things off.  Where else can you get automatic productivity & sense of accomplishment, no matter how menial a task!? Best. thing. ever.

4. Adding more things to the already created list with the sole purpose of immediately crossing them off :) Come on, I know you’ve done it too. Nothing is worse than staring at a list without a single thing marked off…why not throw in a crossed-out “wake up” or “get dressed” to add in a little encouragement?!

5. And finally, because a good to-do list just makes everything better! (Except for when my students are answering a prompt specifically requesting complete paragraphs, and they choose to bullet-point away. GRRRR!!!)

I used to think my love for lists was a little odd, but thanks to BuzzFeed, pretty much the ENTIRE WORLD loves lists now too! They are EVERYWHERE, and I’m not that upset about that.

Annnnyway, you might be wondering why I am blabbing away about lists…and that is because I am officially crossing another bad-boy off of my photo blogging list today!!! WOOHOO!! :) I am SO excited about today’s list item: my first official GIVEAWAY!! That’s right, I am giving away a FREE PORTRAIT SESSION to one lucky fan!!! This could be a family session, kiddos, engagement, anniversary, senior — WHATEVER! The options are limitless :)

Spring Giveaway 2014 Version 2 Black_STOMP


All you have to do to enter is:

1) Share this photo or blog entry on your own Facebook wall and

2) Comment on the photo on Facebook!

**********For a bonus entry, leave a comment on this blog post too :) ***********

I will choose from all the entries and announce the winner on May 1st to celebrate being one month closer to SUMMER!! :) :)

Happy Wednesday, and may the odds be ever  in your favor :P