Monday Lovin’: Weekend Crafts & Cleveland Fun

And just like that, it’s another week!  I hope you were able to romp around outside yesterday & enjoy the warmth and sunshine — it was a BE-E-A-UTIFUL weekend & I was so thankful for the fresh air! Open windows + breezy winds + sunshine = happy days both inside our tiny apartment and out :)

Today I am thankful for good walk/runs, shopping dates, and errand runs with the hubs these past few days! Chris & I completed quite a few projects this weekend; after hitting up the Home Depot for supplies, we finally hung our IKEA frames (and by we, I really mean Chris, because I don’t like messing around with levels, rulers, & the like; I’m much more of a wing-it-and-go kinda crafter, which doesn’t go over well with frames I’ve learned :) ), and I’m in love!! Currently they are holding some of our favorite engagement pictures and a fun little printable I made with important dates in our relationship :)

I’m also loving this little Arhaus frame I got almost a YEAR ago! It’s been empty for the past few months, and I could tell the poor little guy was feeling neglected, so I decided to use one of my favorite pinterest quotes & doodle it on the back of a left-over Kraft envelope…wahla! Perfect little quote for rushed mornings getting ready :)


Another thing I’m loving is getting texts from my first bride of 2014 saying how happy she is with her photos!!!! :) :) :) I always post a sneak peek album of my favorite images within 2 weeks of the ceremony (check out Amanda & Dave’s here), but I have the ENTIRE album (500+ images) ready to rock for the couple within the next month after that! I know I mentioned my Blogstomp session last week, but the other nifty addition I am pumped about is my inclusion of PASS: an online gallery perfect for downloading, ordering prints, or sharing photos with friends & family!

It’s beautiful.

Screenshot 2014-04-13 21.28.30

Screenshot 2014-04-13 21.29.04

Also, have any of you checked out the new AMC theatre in Rocky River on Center Ridge?!?! It’s phenomenal. We saw Draft Day on Friday night, and I THOROUGHLY enjoyed the reclining leather seats, let me tell you!!! You can literally push that bad boy alllll the way back so you feel like you’re sleeping in a big comfy leather grandpa chair :) That + an XL coke slushee made for the perfect evening! Plus all the Cleveland love in the film made my heart happy :) I LOVED seeing some of my favorite spots in the CLE on the big screen!!

And, just because you can never look at too many pictures of this cute little goober, I’m gonna wrap up the Monday love with my one of my FAVORITE images from the quick session I did with Ali & Jerod on Tuesday to announce their pregnancy! I mean, COME. ON.!!!!! Berns is a star.201448BabyBohnenkampFR-3093_STOMP

:) Happy Monday!