Peter + Bobbi | Maternity Session

2014.8.1-Peter-Bobby-Maternity-1531_BLOGSTOMP.jpg2014.8.1 Peter + Bobbi Maternity-1510_STOMP.jpgAhh!!!! I am SO excited to share this beautiful maternity session with you today — the excitement and JOY Peter & Bobbi have for their little guy is so so evident in these pictures, and they just make me smile every time I look at them :) After having to reschedule due to weather quite a few times, we finally met up at Edgewater Park last Friday morning to take their photos, and it ended up being PERFECT outside :) 2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1372_BLOGSTOMP.jpg2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1382_BLOGSTOMP.jpgThe lake was SO calm!!! And how perfect are their neutral tones & blues with the beach?!2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1392-2_BLOGSTOMP.jpg

2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1409_BLOGSTOMP.jpgBobbi, you are GORGEOUS!!!!
2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1417_BLOGSTOMP.jpg
2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1419_BLOGSTOMP.jpgThis next set is one of my favorites– such beautiful light!!
2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1437_BLOGSTOMP.jpg
2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1446_BLOGSTOMP.jpg
2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1464_BLOGSTOMP.jpg:) :) :)
2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1471_BLOGSTOMP.jpgThen we walked around the park outside the beach for a little bit…right around when it started getting a little toastier! After a week in the 60s/low 70s, the almost-80s were a lot to handle! Ha! Luckily Bobbi is a TROOPER & you can’t even tell :P
2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1472_BLOGSTOMP.jpg
2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1479_BLOGSTOMP.jpg
If you can’t tell from these next images..Jaxson (AKA #cutebabyk) is gonna be one well-styled little dude :)
2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1502_BLOGSTOMP.jpgHow fun is this banner?! I want one for myself! Haha!
2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1507_BLOGSTOMP.jpg
2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1510_BLOGSTOMP.jpg
2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1511_BLOGSTOMP.jpgAnd baby Toms?!?! Ahh!!!! SO. CUTE.
2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1514_BLOGSTOMP.jpg
2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1515_BLOGSTOMP.jpgI loved these block letters too — such a fun pop of color!
2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1535_BLOGSTOMP.jpg
2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1540_BLOGSTOMP.jpg
2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1564-2_BLOGSTOMP.jpg2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1564-3_BLOGSTOMP.jpg
2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1570_BLOGSTOMP.jpgYes he did :)
2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1573_BLOGSTOMP.jpg
2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1611_BLOGSTOMP.jpgPeter & Bobbi, thanks so much for letting me capture this exciting time in your lives!!! Jax will be here before you know it…so savor these last few weeks as just the two of you and get so so excited for all the WOW God is about to throw your way :P I just can’t wait!!!

Love love love,




Monday Lovin’: August Edition

Hello hello hello, and HAPPY Monday to you!! Can you believe that it is AUGUST?!? ME NEITHER. This summer has been one for the books that’s for sure, and I am so so sad that it’s almost over! Luckily, I still have a good 3 weeks left..and A LOT will be happening in that short amount of time :) A vacation to Seaside, FL with the hubs next week, two big-girl parties, lots of new-home-decorating-and-organizing (and Target shopping..), a trip to Ikea, lesson planning, dog-walking, AND the official launch of the Sami Renee Photography web/blog site THIS FRIDAY!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!! (And yes, you did note a name change there…none of this “Samantha Renee” stuff, because I sort of really hate being called Samantha? Yeah, makes sense to me too :) ) I am super excited to show you everything I’ve been working on for the official branding of this business, and I hope you love it as much as I do!!!! Eek!

Okay, enough of the rambling. Let’s get to the good stuff :)

This Monday, I am loving…

  1. my new lens :) :) I FINALLY own the best stinkin’ awesome wide angle lens out there — Canon EF 24-70mm f\2.8L II USM for all you Canon geeks — but the rest of you can just know at as my ZOOOOOOM!!! I am so excited about this purchase because, while it was a big one, every single little penny will be worth it! Normally I rent this lens for weddings, but I was shooting all my sessions solo 50mm. Now, I love my 50 and that’s still my go-to lens for now, but I am so excited about the 24-70 because it just adds so much VARIETY to my sessions :) For example, feast your eyes on this bad boy from Saturday’s Vow Renewal Ceremony …

2014.8.2 Tousley Vow Renewal-1810_STOMP.jpgYeah. I love it too :)

2. Speaking of Saturday’s Vow Renewal — I am LOVING that I got to shoot this session and witness all the love these parents of 4.5 (hehe) have for each other after 10 years of marriage!!! This was the first session of this kind I have done, and I am hoping to get to capture many more in the future. Even with all the craziness of the day (you would never know from the photos but an INSANE wind/rain storm blew through about 3 hours earlier), Celena and Keith were able to just ENJOY each other and celebrate all God has done for them…and it was beautiful. That’s all I will say about this for now…so be on the lookout for this entire session on the blog later this week :)

3. I’m also loving my family and the generosity they have for others. My dad and older brothers drove all the way up here to help Chris and I move on Saturday morning, and we could not have done it without them!!! Growing up I was sometimes jealous of friends who had parents that bought them clothes and shoes and fun things all the time. Not to say my parents didn’t ever buy me great things — because they did! — but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized just how lucky I am to have parents who freely give the most important thing: time! My Dad and I grabbed Einstein’s for everyone before the move on Saturday, and it took me back to all of those father-daughter dates we went on during middle and high school. We would wake up early, drive to Einstein’s, and grab a bagel before school, and just talk about life. I love those memories with my Dad, and am so thankful for all the time and energy both my parents have given me throughout the years! Love you guys :)

4. On a more silly note, I am super loving putting a sheet over Graham’s crate at night. Best. Idea. Ever. No more 6am barking every time the sun comes up…thank you Kerlins for the few extra hours of snoozing in the morning :)

Well, I am off to run some errands, finish unpacking, and get to organizing!!! I will leave you with some sneak peeks of what you have to look forward to this week on the blog :)

1. Peter & Bobbi’s maternity session at Edgewater Park2014.8.1 Peter + Bobbi Maternity-1510_STOMP2. Tousley Family + Vow Renewal Ceremony :) 2014.8.2 Tousley Vow Renewal-1677_STOMPHappy Monday!!!

Love love love,


#waybackwednesday: Fall 2013 Mini Sessions

Hello hello hello!!!! Today’s #waybackwednesday catch-up post is pretty fitting, seeing as Cleveland is a little confused these days and thinks that it is already FALL!!! Haha! I wanted to share some of my mini-sessions from last October and November. You may recognize some of these kiddos as they are some of my favorite repeat clients & definitely no stranger to the blog/facebook :)

This first session took place at Edgewater Park on quite possibly the windiest and CHILLIEST day of the fall!! (Mother Nature giving us a little preview of the winter I guess..:P ) Poor Lucy was FREEZING and didn’t want to leave mom’s warm hugs, but we still managed to get some cute shots :)

FB-3276-2_STOMP.jpgOne of my favorite mom-daught pics EVER!! :)
FB-3299_STOMP.jpgThis next session was with my nanny kiddos that I love so so much — we had a blast adventuring around the metroparks & playing in the rocks!!FBRed--2_STOMP.jpgFBRed-1968_STOMP.jpg

How gorgeous is Toni?!?! I was sort of in shock when she told me she chopped off her hair…but it’s AWESOME & she totally rocks it :) :)
FBRed-2039_STOMP.jpgThese next family photos are SO MUCH FUN & totally capture that Vickers spirit :P
FBRed-2066_STOMP.jpgOh Nate :) What a stud!!
FBRed-2142_STOMP.jpgAnd then we have Ella & Claire :) You might recognize these two from Henry’s Newborn Session — where they ROCKED their big sister shoot! Lots of love with these two :) FBRed-2177_STOMP.jpgThose eyes!!! FBRed-2185_STOMP.jpg

FBRed-2195_STOMP.jpgWho knew leaves could be so FUN?! :)
FBRed-2244_STOMP.jpgWe busted out the rain boots for some water fun near the end :) SO cute!!
FBRed-2267_STOMP.jpgAnd yes, their matching outfits are adorable :)
FBRed-2279_STOMP.jpgNext up — Kate, Doug, & ANGIE!!! Haha, Kate is one of my work besties & I had heard a lot about Angie…but never quite realized just how BIG she was until we met this beautiful Fall day!!! :) FBRed-2547_STOMP.jpg
FBRed-2578_STOMP.jpgAngie pretty much stole all of the attention during this session :)
FBRed-2639_STOMP.jpgBut we made sure to take a few quick shots of just Kate & Doug!!! Love these ones :)
FBRed-2661_STOMP.jpgLast but definitely not least, we have Mike & Becky’s downtown mini-session!!! This was my first time shooting in the city, and it was SO much fun!!! Very fitting of these two & their hipster selves :P Mike is probably the biggest Cleveland fan I know, so of course we got some shots of his hat!!
FBRed-2366_STOMP.jpgSo much laughter :)
FBRed-2505_STOMP.jpgAnd that’s a wrap!!!! Haha, this post ended up being a lot longer than I thought it would be & I probably could have broken it up into a few separate guys…buuuut that’s no fun :) Hope you all are having a WONDERFUL week — and just in case you missed my big #instie sneak peek last night, I’ll go ahead and share one last photo with you all from the ‘gram…Screenshot 2014-07-30 09.53.57That’s right folks, my brand new website is ALMOST DONE!!! As much as I love this little wordpress space, I am SO. EXCITED. to have a place of my own — full of beautiful photos, fun sliders, sassy golds, and pretty hand-lettering :) Be on the lookout for some more peeks at its awesomeness…can’t wait to finally launch it in the next few weeks!! EEK!!!!

:) Happy Wednesday!

Love love love,