Monday Lovin’: Blogstomp

Happy Monday!!!! Hope your week is off to a GREAT start and that you are enjoying this rainy rainy day! Personally I love a good day-storm…it provides some great background noise, makes me feel better about being inside so I’m a little more productive, AND I get to bust out my rain coat :)

I wanted to dedicate some Monday love today to recent updates I’ve been making on the bizz-ness side of photography. Even though I began diving in to photography stuff in high school (shout out to Mrs. Hostetler and all the periods spent in the LNHS dark room!) and second-shooting in college, I really didn’t begin focusing on the business aspect of photography until this past year. After all, graduating college, getting married, moving to Cleveland (AKA leaving behind all of contacts / cliental in Indianapolis and moving to a place with ZERO contacts) AND beginning my first full-time teaching job this past fall made for a pretty busy schedule!

However, as discussed in this post, my goal for 2014 is all about intention and DIRECTION! Photographing LIFE and JOY and LOVE is something I am so passionate about, and while it may be a lot of work — it is so so SO worth it!  I am SO excited about all of the sessions I have booked so far for 2014 and cannot WAIT for all the additional ones that will be added :) :)

One of my favorite additions of the year so far has been Blogstomp. (Props to my high school show-choir gal Jackie and Virginia Wedding Photographer Abby Grace for introducing me to its amazingness!)

This program has DRAMATICALLY improved my workflow and made editing (and POSTING) a bajillion million times easier! SERIOUSLY people!!!! If you are looking for a great and affordable way to revamp your blog posts…look no further! I LOVE the way I can create collages of any size in a matter of seconds — plus the sharpening feature never hurts either :)

When you purchase BlogStomp, you will download a program that looks a little like this bad boy…

Screenshot 2014-04-07 18.59.12

Once you upload photos, you are ready to stomp away! Just for fun (and because I love these two & had so much fun romping around Ohio City with them!!), I am going to post some images from Peter & Bobbi’s Christmas mini-session this past December in order to illustrate the amazingness that is Blogstomp!

Blogstomp allows me to easily put two different images side-by-side…


Or I can focus in one single image that I really love! (Again, that sharpening feature is AMAZING…I love it!!)FR-3648_STOMP
OR, I can even make fun collages of all sorts of images!!!

See what I mean?! It’s pretty awesome :)

Hope you all have had an amazing weekend — here’s to an even better week!