Harley & Chelcie: A Chagrin Falls Proposal

About a month ago, a good friend of mine sent me an email introducing me to his friend Harley: a Southern boy through & through! Raised & residing in Beaufort, South Carolina, he and his fun-loving, oh-so-sweet, Northern-gone-Southern girlfriend Chelcie were planning on visiting Ohio for a wedding over Memorial Day weekend, as Chelcie is originally from Chagrin. During this trip, Harley planned to propose to her in her hometown, surrounded by their closest friends & families. Even BETTER, he wanted to find a photographer to capture the moment too! 2014.5.24 Harley Proposal Facebook Red-3577_STOMP

I was SO excited for such a unique session, and couldn’t wait to meet this couple — I knew it would be such a special moment as Harley had every single thing planned out — INCLUDING text messages I was to copy and paste at specific hours the day of to trick Chelcie into venturing into our planned proposal location :) His excitement to propose was CONTAGIOUS, and I couldn’t wait!!2014.5.24 Harley Proposal Facebook Red-3598_STOMP

Despite cupcake smears, last-minute changes in plans, and an INCREDIBLE crowd of people due to Blossom shenanigans, Harley’s plan was perfect. I am so excited for these two and, while their proposal story is one of the best I’ve heard, I know that the future ahead of them is even BETTER. The love they share, the joy they have, and the excitement they possess — just makes me so happy!

2014.5.24 Harley Proposal Facebook Red-3620-2_STOMP

2014.5.24 Harley Proposal Facebook Red-3629_STOMPYeah, that’s one happy fiancé :)2014.5.24 Harley Proposal Facebook Red-3687_STOMP2014.5.24 Harley Proposal Facebook Red-3689_STOMP

2014.5.24 Harley Proposal Facebook Red-3654_STOMPWe took a few quick photos post-hugging before Phase 2 of Harely’s plan: walking up to The Popcorn Shop for some ice cream!2014.5.24 Harley Proposal Facebook Red-3700_STOMP2014.5.24 Harley Proposal Facebook Red-3703_STOMP2014.5.24 Harley Proposal Facebook Red-3635_STOMP2014.5.24 Harley Proposal Facebook Red-3696_STOMP2014.5.24 Harley Proposal Facebook Red-3704_STOMPYeah, they’re adorable :)2014.5.24 Harley Proposal Facebook Red-3710_STOMP 2014.5.24 Harley Proposal Facebook Red-3715-2_STOMP 2014.5.24 Harley Proposal Facebook Red-3725_STOMPWe made a quick pitstop to the rocks on our way up — this was the planned proposal location, but when Harley brought Chelc down it was swarmed with middle school boys, so obviously he improvised! However, we couldn’t pass up a few gorgeous photos with the falls in the background!2014.5.24 Harley Proposal Facebook Red-3677_STOMPBut then we were on to the ice cream! 2014.5.24 Harley Proposal Facebook Red-3736_STOMP2014.5.24 Harley Proposal Facebook Red-3739_STOMPI mean, how precious are they?! And props to Harley for making sure Chelc had the ice cream cone in her left hand — check out that BLING!2014.5.24 Harley Proposal Facebook Red-3741_STOMPI had to include this random dude — while I was waiting for Harley & Chelcie to grab their cones, he stopped me and asked if I would take his photo too! HAHA!2014.5.24 Harley Proposal Facebook Red-3737_STOMPThis last set just might be my favorite. We stopped by the bridge on our way out, and the lighting was amazing!2014.5.24 Harley Proposal Facebook Red-3762_STOMP

2014.5.24 Harley Proposal Facebook Red-3763_STOMP2014.5.24 Harley Proposal Facebook Red-3769_STOMP2014.5.24 Harley Proposal 5 Star-3773_STOMP2014.5.24 Harley Proposal Facebook Red-3768_STOMP

Love how these two can laugh and have fun together even when the ice cream is melting all over the place :)

2014.5.24 Harley Proposal Facebook Red-3777_STOMP

Harley and Chelcie, I am so glad I was able to photograph this special moment in your lives. May this just be a glimpse at all the joy and love your future days have in store.2014.5.24 Harley Proposal Facebook Red-3764_STOMPKeep holding each other close…2014.5.24 Harley Proposal Facebook Red-3572_STOMP2014.5.24 Harley Proposal Facebook Red-3773_STOMPLook to each other and God when times get tough… 2014.5.24 Harley Proposal Facebook Red-3785_STOMPAnd make sure you take time to appreciate each other each and every day :)2014.5.24 Harley Proposal Facebook Red-3788_STOMP

All my love, and best wishes to you both as you begin the oh-so-crazy but WONDERFUL process of wedding planning :) Congratulations again!!!




Monday Lovin’: Happy Memorial Day!!!!

Happy Memorial Day to you on this BEAUTIFUL Monday morning! I am so thankful for all of the men and women who serve this country: those who give up time with their loved ones, those who train in all conditions to be prepared for even the worst, those who leave everything they know behind. Today, I especially want to remember those who have given up their lives.

4th print-001

Today and every day, I LOVE this country, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Because of the amazing weather & Memorial Day festivities, this Monday Lovin’ will be pretty quick — if you are fans of my facebook page, hopefully you saw that the sneaky proposal session on Saturday was a SUCCESS! Can’t wait to show you all of the photos this week — it was a BEAUTIFUL moment and one I will always treasure :) For now, I will leave you with another quick sneak peek appropriate for the holiday… :) :)

2014.5.24 Harley Proposal 5 Star-3773_STOMP

LOVE these two, LOVE that I get to photograph love, LOVE that my hubby has the day off today, LOVE that we get to go celebrate those who love this country — now get out there and enjoy this beautiful day!!!!! :)