Monday Lovin’: Summer Photo-Focused Goals

And just like that, it’s another Monday! However, if you happen to be a teacher in the NE Ohio area…this Monday is EXTRA special because IT’S SUMMER BABY!!!!!!! As a result, today’s Monday Love is going to be dedicated to all things summer:

Images courtesy of Pinterest

Images via Pinterest

WOOHOO!!!!! :) :) :)

Now, while I’m super-loving the fact that I’ve already read 2 books, seen a movie, been to the beach twice, photographed two sessions, and not thought about a single lesson plan (wait that’s a lie…I already have notebooks for each of the courses I’m teaching next year & have LOADS of ideas for ways to make my second year of teaching even BETTER than this first :) :) ),  the MAIN thing I’m lovin’ about this whole summer thing is the ability to COMPLETELY focus on this little ol’ business of mine!

If you’ve been following along, you already know that I really started making things official back in March. Looking back on it, I definitely can see that that probably wasn’t the ideal time to begin blogging & website design & logo design & all the other branding / business parts that I dream about pretty much 24/7; however, I knew I needed to just take the leap. I kept telling myself to wait until summer, to hold off on it, but then I realized that it wasn’t really teaching that was keeping me from diving in. It was fear. And ya know what, I was tired of letting FEAR keep me from doing what I love — tired of insecurities telling me I wasn’t good enough to be “legit” — tired of listening to all the million excuses my little brain loves to make!

And ya know what? It’s been really GREAT! Yes, it was a little crazy at times, but I knew that going in! Balancing teaching 180+ high schoolers with STARTING A BUSINESS is a lot!!! So yes, I am definitely loving this chance to be an almost-practically-full-time photographer for the next 10 weeks, and you BEST believe that I am going to take advantage of every single little moment I have :) And in order to make sure I do, I am going to share my to-do list with you all and give you updates along the way! So, here goes nothing! This summer, I’m loving that I will get the chance to:

  • organize my business finances with awesome cute files and folders :)
  • improve and standardize my workflow
  • become an LLC officially
  • blog 3+ days a week and have an internet presence 5 days a week
  • purchase a new external hard drive
  • meet and network with other NE Ohio photographers

And, last-but-definitely-not-least-because-I-am-SO-STINKING-EXCITED:


Guys, this is what I’ve been working on since March. And it’s BIG!!! We’re talking a new blog/website, logo, headshots, business cards, look — EVERYTHING!!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!! No more random wordpress sites and non-uniformity, but rather one COHESIVE look — modern, full of life, and to the point! I’ve been / will be working with awesome people like Lane Baldwin, Taylor Schumann, and AnnaRose Girvin, and I really just can’t wait to see it all come together :) I don’t have an exact date for the launch at this point, but it will be within the next month or two, and it will be amazing!

So that’s it. Those are my big photo focuses — along with learning more and becoming better at what I do, of course! I want to take every moment I can this summer to cross all my Ts and dot all my Is so that I am ready to go even when I’m teaching during the school year! Photography isn’t just a summer passion for me — it’s a life passion, and I want to be the best that I can be. No more listening to fear and worry. :)

Be sure to check back later this week for some non-photo focused goals as well, and some beautiful sessions and sneak peeks from this weekend! And because I just really loved this moment, I’ll leave you with this shot from Jerome and Ashley’s wedding this weekend. They chose to not do a first-look, but wanted a chance to pray together before the craziness of the day began, and I loved it!

2014.6.7 Ventura Wedding Facebook Red-4830_STOMP

Happy Monday!