Monday Lovin’: Yummy Drinks, Rainy Dates, and Classroom Support

And just like that, it’s another Monday!! While summertime days definitely make practicing Monday gratitude a littttle easier, I still love taking the time to intentionally be thankful for the little things in life. After all, the more I practice gratitude now (because I do believe it’s something we truly need to practice in this day & age / culture), the better I’ll be when it’s harder to see! At least that’s what I am hoping :)

So, as always, some things I am particularly loving this July Monday…

  • Starbucks iced tea lemonades. This past week was full of meetings & coffee dates — and of course everyone wanted to set those meetings for the 20-something’s go-to: Starbucks!! In fact, I may or may not have visited the ‘bucks THREE SEPARATE TIMES on Wednesday. Oops? :) Anywayyyy, I always start the morning out with a Chai, but I thought three in one day would be pushing it…so I switched to their new Blackberry Mojito Tea Lemonade (ahhhh-mazing) and I also tried out the old-school Passion Tea Lemonade!! Definitely some new summer favorites — that may or may not require the Venti order. #slurpslurp
  • Cleveland day dates with Chris! C signed us up for the Scene Ale Fest in Tremont a few weeks ago — after purchasing our tickets, all we had to do was show up, receive our 8 oz sample cup (woot woot!), and walk around to the 100s of draft beers & sample away!!! Chris got much more adventurous than me in his tastings, as I tended to stick to the Wyder’s Pear Cider tent (my beverage of choice whenever it’s available!!), but I did make sure to try a few new beers to stick with the spirit of the whole event :)  Of COURSE it pretty much poured the entire day (after a whole week of beaaaautiful weather!!), but we still made it a great time :)20140721-084136.jpg
  • Sweet client messages & inquiries :) I am so excited to already be booking weddings into 2015 — and the fact that I have at least 1 session a month through December makes me want to jump around & do a happy dance!! I have so much excitement looking into this next fall — between a new set of freshmen & creative writing kiddos and the consistent photography sessions I have coming my way, I know it’s going to be a great year!!
  • Speaking of my kiddos…I am LOVING my new Lily planner I just ordered!!! My good friend Allie surprised me with one as a HOORAY-YOU-GOT-A-JOB gift last year, and it was probably one of my favorite teacher supplies throughout the year!! This year’s is looking extra cute, and I can’t wait for it to arrive in the mail!! Perfect size, fun stickers, great doodles, and weekly AND monthly planning pages — it’s the best :)
  • And finally, I am loving the generosity I have gotten from a friend from church and her desire to support teachers in the NE Ohio area! Kim is a Thirty-One consultant, and has decided to give 10% of all proceeds from my Thirty-One party back to my classroom in the form of school supplies!!! More than half of my students come from a low-income background, and I would LOVE to have support in providing them with the folders, notebooks, pencils,and post-its that come in so handy for English class! If you’re interested in checking out some of the awesome products from Thirty-One, check out my online party by clicking here — anything you purchase will count towards my classroom total :)

Hope you can find some things to be thankful about this Monday too — I would love to hear about them below!!! Otherwise, have a BEAUTIFUL day :)

Love love love,






Monday Lovin’: VTR, Fixer Upper, & Headshot Sneak Peeks!!

Happy Monday!!! Hope this day finds you refreshed after a (hopefully) long 3-day weekend full of holiday fun!! I know sometimes it can be even harder to get back into the routine of the week after these type of weekends — especially with the jam-packed schedules they tend to bring — but hang in there, keep your chin up, and try to find the silver linings :) (I may or may not have watched that movie post-cookout on Friday…perfect way to relax after a day of enjoying lots of patriotic desserts & sangria :) ) In fact, that’s why I started this blog series to begin with — Mondays get such a bad rep & it’s so easy to approach them with dread, but sometimes a little intentional happiness with a side of CHOOSING contentment and joy is all ya need! Even when it’s a Monday :)

So, as always, things I’m loving today as I reflect on this past week:

>> Date nights out with my hubs!! Life has been really crazy lately & Chris and I hadn’t gotten a lot of intentional time together, so I was super psyched when he asked me out on a date night this past Thursday :P We had a gift card to The Velvet Tango Room from a past shoot I did and decided it was a perfect time to discover what all the fuss was about!!! For $20 a drink, I had very high expectations — and every single one of them was met and SURPASSED!! So. Much. FUN. :) :)

>> Fixer Upper. Oh my geez I am OBSESSED with this show! Well actually, I’m mostly obsessed with Chip and Joahnna. HGTV has always been a favorite channel of mine, but it definitely has a little more of my love these days :) They are SUCH  a sweet couple (and their kids are freakin’ ADORABLE), and, just like the name implies, they literally take these crappy crappy houses and turn them into AMAZING spaces!! If you haven’t checked it out yet, I highly encourage it :)

>> #shereadstruth devos in the morning! I LOVE these mini insights into different books of the bible — I LOVE that thousands of other women are reading and learning and praying the same things — I LOVE the refreshing messages and unabashed truth they share — and I also sort of love the pretty pictures and images that come along with each devotion :) I am currently double-dipping plans as I slacked for a few I’m catching up on the Ruth study and loving the current Sermon on the Mount plan!

>> On a photography note, I am LOVING the two sessions I got to do during my time in Indy!! The Stilabower session and Casey and Kyle’s engagement session were both SO fun and full of laughter — great reminders of why I do what I do :)

2014.6.28 Kyle + Casey Engaged Facebook-0330_STOMP2014.6.28 Stilabower Family Facebook-0602_STOMP

>> I am also LOVING my new head shots from Lane Baldwin Photography!!!! Just another step towards having my official website / branding done — and I can’t wait!! She did an AMAZING job & I had such a blast getting to chat with her more over coffee post-Ohio-City-photo-takeover :) I posted one on #instie earlier this week, and I was going to leave any other peaks until my website is launched, but I decided I wanted to show you a few of my favorites anyway and hopefully get some feedback on which ones you like the best!!! What do ya think?! Love the happy-fun-city feel these have :)

Headshot Options STOMP_0002I’m not quite sure if there are many things more awkward than taking pictures BY YOURSELF, but Lane made it so fun :)

And, just because this was an adorable video of our crazy puppy I snapped on our way to 4th of July festivites, I’m going to end today’s Monday Love with this:

Happy Monday!! #turndownforwhat



Friday Favorites

Hey Hey Hey!!! Happy Friday to you — we made it through the week!!! Today’s post is a quick one, because after some garage sale-ing, I will be on my way to Indy for the weekend for some sessions I am SUPER excited for:

Remember this little guy?!? I photographed his 6 month photos on a super hot & sweaty summer day 2 years ago…

Web 5 Star Edits-8897_STOMPAnd his adorable 1st Birthday cake smash last February…Web 5 Star Edit-2_STOMPSo I am SO PUMPED to get to hang out with him again on Saturday afternoon for his unofficial 2 year photos! :) I will also be doing my first SUNRISE session earlier that day with one of my fall wedding couples, so be on the lookout for some sneak peeks shortly after.

And, just because it’s Friday & flowers are my favorite….
2014.6.13 Mastin Family 5 Star Edits-7435_STOMP.jpg


2014.6.26 Graham-Flowers Facebook Red-9925_STOMP.jpg2014.6.13 Mastin Family 5 Star Edits-7435-2_STOMP.jpgSpeaking of favorites, this little corner couch spot is Graham’s favorite napping spot…although he is super sneaky & likes to switch back & forth between the sides when we’re not looking :P I got this picture right when he was waking up :)2014.6.26 Graham-Flowers Facebook Red-9934_STOMP.jpgI tried taking some quick photos of him yesterday, but this was the look he gave me…

2014.6.26 Graham-Flowers Facebook Red-9940_STOMP.jpg

“Uhhhh, Mommmm, I’m tryin’ to drink some water here!!!!”

Oops :) Haha!!! Then he took out his anger on his favorite dino :)

2014.6.26 Graham-Flowers Facebook Red-9962_STOMP.jpg

Next week I will work on getting an ACTUAL Graham session out! I just wanted to share some of these silly ones because, well, he’s stinking CUTE :) Especially when he pounces…as caught by my hubs last night here:

hehe :)

Happy Friday!!!!