#waybackwednesday: Fall 2013 Mini Sessions

Hello hello hello!!!! Today’s #waybackwednesday catch-up post is pretty fitting, seeing as Cleveland is a little confused these days and thinks that it is already FALL!!! Haha! I wanted to share some of my mini-sessions from last October and November. You may recognize some of these kiddos as they are some of my favorite repeat clients & definitely no stranger to the blog/facebook :)

This first session took place at Edgewater Park on quite possibly the windiest and CHILLIEST day of the fall!! (Mother Nature giving us a little preview of the winter I guess..:P ) Poor Lucy was FREEZING and didn’t want to leave mom’s warm hugs, but we still managed to get some cute shots :)

FB-3276-2_STOMP.jpgOne of my favorite mom-daught pics EVER!! :)
FB-3299_STOMP.jpgThis next session was with my nanny kiddos that I love so so much — we had a blast adventuring around the metroparks & playing in the rocks!!FBRed--2_STOMP.jpgFBRed-1968_STOMP.jpg

How gorgeous is Toni?!?! I was sort of in shock when she told me she chopped off her hair…but it’s AWESOME & she totally rocks it :) :)
FBRed-2039_STOMP.jpgThese next family photos are SO MUCH FUN & totally capture that Vickers spirit :P
FBRed-2066_STOMP.jpgOh Nate :) What a stud!!
FBRed-2142_STOMP.jpgAnd then we have Ella & Claire :) You might recognize these two from Henry’s Newborn Session — where they ROCKED their big sister shoot! Lots of love with these two :) FBRed-2177_STOMP.jpgThose eyes!!! FBRed-2185_STOMP.jpg

FBRed-2195_STOMP.jpgWho knew leaves could be so FUN?! :)
FBRed-2244_STOMP.jpgWe busted out the rain boots for some water fun near the end :) SO cute!!
FBRed-2267_STOMP.jpgAnd yes, their matching outfits are adorable :)
FBRed-2279_STOMP.jpgNext up — Kate, Doug, & ANGIE!!! Haha, Kate is one of my work besties & I had heard a lot about Angie…but never quite realized just how BIG she was until we met this beautiful Fall day!!! :) FBRed-2547_STOMP.jpg
FBRed-2578_STOMP.jpgAngie pretty much stole all of the attention during this session :)
FBRed-2639_STOMP.jpgBut we made sure to take a few quick shots of just Kate & Doug!!! Love these ones :)
FBRed-2661_STOMP.jpgLast but definitely not least, we have Mike & Becky’s downtown mini-session!!! This was my first time shooting in the city, and it was SO much fun!!! Very fitting of these two & their hipster selves :P Mike is probably the biggest Cleveland fan I know, so of course we got some shots of his hat!!
FBRed-2366_STOMP.jpgSo much laughter :)
FBRed-2505_STOMP.jpgAnd that’s a wrap!!!! Haha, this post ended up being a lot longer than I thought it would be & I probably could have broken it up into a few separate guys…buuuut that’s no fun :) Hope you all are having a WONDERFUL week — and just in case you missed my big #instie sneak peek last night, I’ll go ahead and share one last photo with you all from the ‘gram…Screenshot 2014-07-30 09.53.57That’s right folks, my brand new website is ALMOST DONE!!! As much as I love this little wordpress space, I am SO. EXCITED. to have a place of my own — full of beautiful photos, fun sliders, sassy golds, and pretty hand-lettering :) Be on the lookout for some more peeks at its awesomeness…can’t wait to finally launch it in the next few weeks!! EEK!!!!

:) Happy Wednesday!

Love love love,



Monday Lovin’: Letter Style

Screenshot 2014-07-28 09.52.55Hello hello hello, and a very happy (rainy!!!) Monday to you!! I love getting to write these posts each week. They have turned into such a neat way to document all the happenings & loves throughout the summer, and I often can’t wait to share my favorite things with you all!! One of my favorite blogs to read every Monday is Lauren’s “Monday’s Letters” series over at Elle & Company Design, so to show some Monday love to her (and to switch up this series a bit!!), I am going to write some letters of my own this morning :)

Dear Mr. Orndorff, Last night we had a tornado warning, and (being me) I obviously freaked out a little bit and wanted to make a straight get-away to the basement of our apartment building. Thanks for giving me a hug and flipping to the weather channel to show me nothing was wrong…and for giggling when you saw that my flip-flops were on my feet and my water bottle was ready to go just in case a downstairs sprint became necessary :P

Dear BarkCam, You are the best app on my phone to date, and the way you get my little Graham-ster to tilt his head & smile makes me giggle every time :) I see many memories documented with you in the future (oh, and I especially love your photo add-ons too!).

Dear College Course That I Dropped 4 Weeks In, While I didn’t really appreciate your false course description or the fact that your professor often blew her nose WHILE continuing to lecture (multi-tasking at its finest?), I am so so thankful for you because you brought Cait Snyder into my life :) Commiserating over weird math equations that somehow had something to do with psychology, drowning our Hutton Honors sorrows in Ballantine paninis, and talking about relationships, Jesus, sororities, college, dorm-life, Facebook, boys, family, and pretty much everything else under the sun EXCEPT our course material brought us together and has kept us close ever since! Having her visit #theCLE this past weekend was such a blast, and I owe all the beach-laying, park-walking, Mitchell’s-ice-cream-eating, beer-drinking, margarita-slurping, heart-to-heart-talking, SVU-watching, garage-sale-shopping, Jesus-loving to you :)

Dear Chris, These past almost-two years in our #tinyapartmentbigspirit have been the best of my life, and I find myself a little sad to be moving to a bigger place this weekend! While I can’t wait for the extra room (and hopefully all the visitors it brings with it!), I am going to miss our fun times in these 492 sq. feet of memories. You make every part of life an adventure, and I am forever grateful for these past years of literally not being able to get away from each other :P I love you!

Screenshot 2014-07-28 09.53.20


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Adelynn | One Year

If you missed this Wednesday post from a few weeks ago, make sure to check it out to see why this out-of-season post is gracing the blog today :) Happy Wednesday!!!!


A.Orndorff5SE-0581-2_STOMP.jpgNo words needed, right?! Haha!! I just LOVE this little cutie & had so much fun photographing some fun pictures for Miss Addie’s 1st birthday!!! I’m lucky to call this little munchkin my niece, and I SO enjoy seeing her little smiley face whenever Chris & I visit Indy!!! You would think the hardest part of living away from family would be missing out on all the big moments that come with life (1st birthday, graduations, soccer games, school plays, etc), and it is, don’t get me wrong! However, I think the even harder part is missing all of the little things that happen every day. This session is over 6 months old now — but I still love looking back at it and remembering all of the fun we had in these moments :) A.Orndorff5SE-0564-2_STOMP.jpgAnd how cute is this little get-up Jess had for her pictures?! I’m obsessed :)
A.Orndorff5SE-0600-2_STOMP.jpgHehe!!! That little ruffle butt :)
A.Orndorff5SE-0622_STOMP.jpgThese two right pictures make me giggle every. single. time. #stinker
A.Orndorff5SE-0668_STOMP.jpgLove!!! (And how crazy to think she was still not even walking here Jess?!?!)
A.Orndorff5SE-0677_STOMP.jpgHaha then we decided to plop the little goober in this basket….hilarious attempts to escape immediately followed :)
A.Orndorff5SE-0689_STOMP.jpgRockin’ that O for Orndorff!!! (And ONE years old!!)
A.Orndorff5SE-0725_STOMP.jpgAnd then Jess pulled out the most awesome tutu EVER!! Loved this little dress-up moment…definitely a glimpse into the future with this diva for sure :)
A.Orndorff5SE-0804_STOMP.jpg:) LOVE!!
A.Orndorff5SE-0814_STOMP.jpgEspecially love these last 4 momma-daughter moments :) So sweet!!
A.Orndorff5SE-0842_STOMP.jpgLove you Miss Addie & can’t wait until all of our play dates the next time we’re together!!! :)

Love love love,