Last Post!!!!

Ahh!!!!! The day is finally here — today is my last post on this little wordpress blog! I love this space so much and have grown so much in my time here…but it’s time to move on to bigger & better things :) Tomorrow, my new website will be LAUNCHED!!! *insert excitement happy dances and squeals* :) :) :)

If you’ve followed my new instagram account, you may have noticed one of the big changes I’ve made already: my business name! I almost never go by “Samantha”…unless my mom or Nana are talking to me, and generally only if I’m in trouble (haha), so it seemed a little silly to me to have the core of my business be based around a name that is not ME! So starting tomorrow, everything will be “Sami Renee Photography”…a little bit more fun & sassy and a lot bit more me :)

For some final sneak peeks and to give lots of love to all of those who helped me along the way:

1. My new logo! The fabulous Taylor Schumann of Letters of Grace Calligraphy did the hand-lettering, and my beautiful friend Annarose Girvin digitized it to really make it shine!! They both were PHENOMENAL to work with & I highly highly recommend them :) :)

Screenshot 2014-07-30 16.44.44 Screenshot 2014-07-29 18.01.57

Alternate logos:

Screenshot 2014-08-07 15.14.07


Screenshot 2014-07-30 16.44.54








And my final headshot choice by the oh-so-fun Lane Baldwin:

For the rest…you’ll have to look back tomorrow morning around 8am :) Get excited!! Oh, and there might be a little giveaway up my sleeve to celebrate the launch and to thank you all for supporting and encouraging me along the way! I wouldn’t be here without you!! So, thank you thank you THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart :)

Now I need to go start finish packing for our FINALLY-HERE-TWO-YEARS-LATER-BUT-I’M-STILL-GONNA-CALL-IT-OUR-HONEYMOON trip to our favorite beach in the world — Seaside, FL!!! Don’t worry, I’ve been pre-blogging away, so you will have lots more coming at you next week while I am gone :)

Happy Thursday!!

Love love love,



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