Peter + Bobbi | Maternity Session

2014.8.1-Peter-Bobby-Maternity-1531_BLOGSTOMP.jpg2014.8.1 Peter + Bobbi Maternity-1510_STOMP.jpgAhh!!!! I am SO excited to share this beautiful maternity session with you today — the excitement and JOY Peter & Bobbi have for their little guy is so so evident in these pictures, and they just make me smile every time I look at them :) After having to reschedule due to weather quite a few times, we finally met up at Edgewater Park last Friday morning to take their photos, and it ended up being PERFECT outside :) 2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1372_BLOGSTOMP.jpg2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1382_BLOGSTOMP.jpgThe lake was SO calm!!! And how perfect are their neutral tones & blues with the beach?!2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1392-2_BLOGSTOMP.jpg

2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1409_BLOGSTOMP.jpgBobbi, you are GORGEOUS!!!!
2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1417_BLOGSTOMP.jpg
2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1419_BLOGSTOMP.jpgThis next set is one of my favorites– such beautiful light!!
2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1437_BLOGSTOMP.jpg
2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1446_BLOGSTOMP.jpg
2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1464_BLOGSTOMP.jpg:) :) :)
2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1471_BLOGSTOMP.jpgThen we walked around the park outside the beach for a little bit…right around when it started getting a little toastier! After a week in the 60s/low 70s, the almost-80s were a lot to handle! Ha! Luckily Bobbi is a TROOPER & you can’t even tell :P
2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1472_BLOGSTOMP.jpg
2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1479_BLOGSTOMP.jpg
If you can’t tell from these next images..Jaxson (AKA #cutebabyk) is gonna be one well-styled little dude :)
2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1502_BLOGSTOMP.jpgHow fun is this banner?! I want one for myself! Haha!
2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1507_BLOGSTOMP.jpg
2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1510_BLOGSTOMP.jpg
2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1511_BLOGSTOMP.jpgAnd baby Toms?!?! Ahh!!!! SO. CUTE.
2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1514_BLOGSTOMP.jpg
2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1515_BLOGSTOMP.jpgI loved these block letters too — such a fun pop of color!
2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1535_BLOGSTOMP.jpg
2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1540_BLOGSTOMP.jpg
2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1564-2_BLOGSTOMP.jpg2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1564-3_BLOGSTOMP.jpg
2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1570_BLOGSTOMP.jpgYes he did :)
2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1573_BLOGSTOMP.jpg
2014.8.1 Peter + Bobby Maternity-1611_BLOGSTOMP.jpgPeter & Bobbi, thanks so much for letting me capture this exciting time in your lives!!! Jax will be here before you know it…so savor these last few weeks as just the two of you and get so so excited for all the WOW God is about to throw your way :P I just can’t wait!!!

Love love love,




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