Monday Lovin’: Letter Style

Screenshot 2014-07-28 09.52.55Hello hello hello, and a very happy (rainy!!!) Monday to you!! I love getting to write these posts each week. They have turned into such a neat way to document all the happenings & loves throughout the summer, and I often can’t wait to share my favorite things with you all!! One of my favorite blogs to read every Monday is Lauren’s “Monday’s Letters” series over at Elle & Company Design, so to show some Monday love to her (and to switch up this series a bit!!), I am going to write some letters of my own this morning :)

Dear Mr. Orndorff, Last night we had a tornado warning, and (being me) I obviously freaked out a little bit and wanted to make a straight get-away to the basement of our apartment building. Thanks for giving me a hug and flipping to the weather channel to show me nothing was wrong…and for giggling when you saw that my flip-flops were on my feet and my water bottle was ready to go just in case a downstairs sprint became necessary :P

Dear BarkCam, You are the best app on my phone to date, and the way you get my little Graham-ster to tilt his head & smile makes me giggle every time :) I see many memories documented with you in the future (oh, and I especially love your photo add-ons too!).

Dear College Course That I Dropped 4 Weeks In, While I didn’t really appreciate your false course description or the fact that your professor often blew her nose WHILE continuing to lecture (multi-tasking at its finest?), I am so so thankful for you because you brought Cait Snyder into my life :) Commiserating over weird math equations that somehow had something to do with psychology, drowning our Hutton Honors sorrows in Ballantine paninis, and talking about relationships, Jesus, sororities, college, dorm-life, Facebook, boys, family, and pretty much everything else under the sun EXCEPT our course material brought us together and has kept us close ever since! Having her visit #theCLE this past weekend was such a blast, and I owe all the beach-laying, park-walking, Mitchell’s-ice-cream-eating, beer-drinking, margarita-slurping, heart-to-heart-talking, SVU-watching, garage-sale-shopping, Jesus-loving to you :)

Dear Chris, These past almost-two years in our #tinyapartmentbigspirit have been the best of my life, and I find myself a little sad to be moving to a bigger place this weekend! While I can’t wait for the extra room (and hopefully all the visitors it brings with it!), I am going to miss our fun times in these 492 sq. feet of memories. You make every part of life an adventure, and I am forever grateful for these past years of literally not being able to get away from each other :P I love you!

Screenshot 2014-07-28 09.53.20


To read more Monday Letters from Lauren, make sure to check out her blog here!


2 thoughts on “Monday Lovin’: Letter Style

  1. This made my day, Sami! Thank you for the shoutout and the sweet words about Elle & Company. I loved reading your letters today. I hope all the rain goes away in time for your move this weekend :)

    • Thanks Lauren!!! I love following your blog & am a HUGE fan of all your work!!! Can’t wait to decorate our new place with some of your library prints :) :)

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