Adelynn | One Year

If you missed this Wednesday post from a few weeks ago, make sure to check it out to see why this out-of-season post is gracing the blog today :) Happy Wednesday!!!!


A.Orndorff5SE-0581-2_STOMP.jpgNo words needed, right?! Haha!! I just LOVE this little cutie & had so much fun photographing some fun pictures for Miss Addie’s 1st birthday!!! I’m lucky to call this little munchkin my niece, and I SO enjoy seeing her little smiley face whenever Chris & I visit Indy!!! You would think the hardest part of living away from family would be missing out on all the big moments that come with life (1st birthday, graduations, soccer games, school plays, etc), and it is, don’t get me wrong! However, I think the even harder part is missing all of the little things that happen every day. This session is over 6 months old now — but I still love looking back at it and remembering all of the fun we had in these moments :) A.Orndorff5SE-0564-2_STOMP.jpgAnd how cute is this little get-up Jess had for her pictures?! I’m obsessed :)
A.Orndorff5SE-0600-2_STOMP.jpgHehe!!! That little ruffle butt :)
A.Orndorff5SE-0622_STOMP.jpgThese two right pictures make me giggle every. single. time. #stinker
A.Orndorff5SE-0668_STOMP.jpgLove!!! (And how crazy to think she was still not even walking here Jess?!?!)
A.Orndorff5SE-0677_STOMP.jpgHaha then we decided to plop the little goober in this basket….hilarious attempts to escape immediately followed :)
A.Orndorff5SE-0689_STOMP.jpgRockin’ that O for Orndorff!!! (And ONE years old!!)
A.Orndorff5SE-0725_STOMP.jpgAnd then Jess pulled out the most awesome tutu EVER!! Loved this little dress-up moment…definitely a glimpse into the future with this diva for sure :)
A.Orndorff5SE-0804_STOMP.jpg:) LOVE!!
A.Orndorff5SE-0814_STOMP.jpgEspecially love these last 4 momma-daughter moments :) So sweet!!
A.Orndorff5SE-0842_STOMP.jpgLove you Miss Addie & can’t wait until all of our play dates the next time we’re together!!! :)

Love love love,



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