Friday Favs: Papa’s 80th Birthday

Happy Friday! Today has been a great and uneventful day — perfect for some summertime relaxation :) Graham & I went on a loooooong walk this morning with a friend, and now he has pretty much been snoozing every since!! Woohoo!! Yesterday I took him to a big field and practiced “Go Fetch”…but it sort of turned more into “Go Jump & Tumble & Miss!” haha!! If you didn’t check out the #instie video I posted, I highly recommend it for some laughs :)

20140718-134531.jpg 20140718-134512.jpg 20140718-134503.jpg

(some iPhone pics from our walk — and his #puppysnooze that came after!!)

Anyway, I wanted to go ahead and share some photos from my Papa’s 80th birthday last weekend! They aren’t all amazing or beautiful or awesome…but they are of my family & I sorta love them a lot :) 2014.7.13 Papa 80-1125_STOMP.jpgI had originally brought my camera to take senior pictures of my cousin Dave, but I decided to pull it out for a few photos of the actual party itself — and I am so glad I did! The first shot I got was obviously of the hubs flashing the peace sign..haha!

2014.7.13 Papa 80-1033_STOMP.jpgIt was great having all of the family together (well, most of us!!) in addition to seeing old friends too!2014.7.13 Papa 80-1197_STOMP.jpgAnd of course, Graham-a-lam stole the spotlight quite a few times as well..2014.7.13 Papa 80-1058_STOMP.jpgPapa with 2 of 3 Allely boys! (Missed you Joe & Grace!!!)2014.7.13 Papa 80-1062_STOMP.jpg2014.7.13 Papa 80-1063_STOMP.jpg2014.7.13 Papa 80-1064_STOMP.jpgUncle Neal workin’ hard at the grill…not quite sure what Uncle John is doing :P Haha!!!2014.7.13 Papa 80-1081_STOMP.jpgDad’s request…:P Love my parents!!2014.7.13 Papa 80-1086_STOMP.jpg

2014.7.13 Papa 80-1091_STOMP.jpg
2014.7.13 Papa 80-1097_STOMP.jpgAllie was QUITE the champion diver! (I mean, jumper..)
2014.7.13 Papa 80-1106_STOMP.jpgAnd then, after a long morning of swimming, tossing the football around, and playing cards — it was time for PIE!!!
2014.7.13 Papa 80-1121_STOMP.jpg

2014.7.13 Papa 80-1126_STOMP.jpgLove this one of Nana watching him blow out the candles :)
2014.7.13 Papa 80-1128_STOMP.jpg
2014.7.13 Papa 80-1132_STOMP.jpg
2014.7.13 Papa 80-1139_STOMP.jpgThe fancy binoculars were a HIT!!
2014.7.13 Papa 80-1141_STOMP.jpg
2014.7.13 Papa 80-1146_STOMP.jpgMy mom & her sister!
2014.7.13 Papa 80-1163_STOMP.jpg
2014.7.13 Papa 80-1169_STOMP.jpgHaha, Aunt Bekah threatened to steal Graham away…he’ll do that to ya :P #puppylove
2014.7.13 Papa 80-1171_STOMP.jpgHow gorgeous is Allie?!?! :)
2014.7.13 Papa 80-1175_STOMP.jpgI took some quick photos of Nana & Papa before putting my camera away & enjoying the day…this one is one of my favorites :)
2014.7.13 Papa 80-1183-2_STOMP.jpgHaha wish I knew what Papa said to make her laugh here!!
2014.7.13 Papa 80-1185_STOMP.jpg
2014.7.13 Papa 80-1186_STOMP.jpgLove these two so much and am still so so thankful for the time we had together last weekend!! While it was crazy busy & involved lots of driving, it is always so great to see family.

This weekend is looking rather relaxing — and FUN!! Chris and I are going to the Tremont Ale Festival tomorrow afternoon, and I cannot WAIT to enjoy lots of different beers & ciders (especially my FAVORITE — Wyder’s Pear!!! Woohoo!!!). After a crazy busy week, nothing else sounds more fun that hanging out with my boo and sipping on some yummy drinks :)

Have a wonderful wonderful weekend!!!

Love love love,



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