Monday Lovin’

Hello hello!!! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! Chris & I just got home from Indiana, and I am off to go work for the evening, but I wanted to leave you all with a quick picture from this weekend of some EVERY DAY kinda love this Monday :) 2014.7.13 Papa's 80th Birthday FR-1183_STOMPWe had such a great time celebrating Papa’s 80th birthday & I am so glad Chris and I were able to go up on Friday and get some alone time with these two before the craziness began!!! We made pancakes in the morning, sat out on the back porch with Graham, and just talked about life :) I am so thankful to have grandparents who love God and each other as much as these two do — they are an AMAZING witness to everyone around them & I just love getting to spend time with them!! The rain threatened to ruin our weekend, but we ended up with a BEAUTIFUL day Saturday, and I can’t wait to share some more pictures with you all later this week! For now, enjoy the rest of this beautiful day! Happy Monday! Love love love, Sami


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