Happy Friday!

Hey Hey Hey!  A quick post this Friday morning to wish you a BEAUTIFUL day — ya just can’t get better weather than these past few days, can you?!? I was so glad to get a beach day with two of my favorites yesterday; I love these girls and can’t say enough about how important their friendship has been in my life — especially when C & I first moved here!! Now Kayla is off to inspire and teach lucky 1st Graders in Brooklyn, NY, and I am SO gonna miss our margarita-drinkin’, story-sharin’, Beth-Moorein’ selves!!! HOWEVER, a big bonus is that I now have someone I can go visit in NYC…soooooo that’s fun!!! :) :)Screenshot 2014-07-11 08.23.41

Chris, G.Money & I are off to Kokomo this weekend to celebrate my Papa’s 80th birthday — WOOHOO!! Be looking for a recap next week with lots of fun family photos (and probably silly stories!!) to share :) Web 5 Star Edit-9875Nana’s 80th birthday party was two years ago and was FULL of shenanigans, so I can’t wait to see all the fun Papa’s has in store :)Facebook-1200_STOMPHappy Friday, and enjoy your weekend!!! Woohoo!!!

love love love,



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