Monday Lovin’: Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! I am so excited for this week — between my first two days of NOTHING PLANNED (yes yes yes yes!!!), 4th of July festivities, a three-day weekend with my hubs, and lots of friend time, I know it will be great!

I ended up staying an extra day with the fam in Indy, so today I will be trekking home & crossing my fingers for a sleeping happy puppy in the car! He did awesome on the drive here Friday, so hopefully that streak will continue :P

Today’s Monday Love is all about loving time with my family & the Grahamster — and boy did they love him back!! Last night we made a bonfire, ate s’mores, played a family favorite (QWIRKLE!!), and just got to enjoy the beautiful evening together — and every second of it was perfect (despite the MILLION bug bites haha!). My middle brother Nate took a special liking to Graham, and the two of us had a fun little photo shoot with him earlier on in the day — will definitely be sharing those photos later this week :) And of course, I had to get a shot of Allie & her #1 man: Dasher Malloy!!!

2014.6.28 graham + malloys Facebook-0902_STOMP.jpg
Things I love about family weekends:

-waking up early and sitting with Mom on the back deck

-eating lots of yummy food (including just about the best BLT I’ve ever had!!)

-movie time with the fam (even when Dad watches about every preview known to man before picking :P)

-hanging out with my siblings and realizing just how AWESOME and fun they are to be around!!

As the oldest sibling by quite a lot of years, it was always hard to be “close” with my brothers and sister growing up…they were so much younger than me & were never really able to have REAL conversations before I went to college. I have always loved them so so much, but I am realizing just how much fun it is to have siblings that you can BE with and talk with and enjoy — and it’s a really neat thing :) My family is DEFINITELY not perfect (whose is?!), but I love them so much and am so thankful for each and every one of them in my life!!!

Last but not least…here are some previews of what you have to look forward to seeing this week on the blog!!

#1: Kyle and Casey’s Sunrise Engagement Session in downtown Indy

2014.6.28 Kyle + Casey Engaged Facebook-0272_STOMP.jpg
#2: Charlie’s 2 year old photo shoot near the Indiana State Museum!!2014.6.28 stilabower family Facebook-0722_STOMP.jpg

Happy Monday!!!


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