Midweek Catch Up

Hi guys!!! Happy WEDNESDAY!! I feel like it’s been forever since we’ve met in this little space — this was the first Monday I missed a Monday Love post since we started back in March!!

Normally if I know I’m going to be busy I will do a bit of pre-blogging to stay consistent, but with my siblings here last week, an all-day wedding for Emily Millay Photography on Saturday, a cook-out with church friends AND the US-Portugal game after (talk about a crushing ending!!) on Sunday, plus a 12-hour work day on Monday…I just didn’t have time!! At first I was stressed out about it…but then I realized that all of those things involved all of my favorite things (friends, family, laughter, the beach, photography, and celebrations), so there was no reason to be ashamed of living life & not necessarily blogging about it :P Right?? I think so. :)

And then this awesome little post by Abby Grace popped up yesterday. She is an AMAZING photographer & blogger and was a big part of the inspiration behind my Monday Love to begin with, so when she wrote about skipping a post and living in the here & now, it confirmed me thoughts I’d had too :) So here’s to living in the now!

For me, this is what now is lookin’ like:

Screenshot 2014-06-24 21.30.12

Graham at 8 weeks:

Loves: sleeping, playing, snuggling, run/jumping (it’s adorable & he’s a clutz haha!), being held, my toes, his triceratops dinosaur toy, his crate (thank you Jesus), rolling in the muddy grass, the rain, sniffing out our #tinyapartmentbigspirit, and meeting new friends!!!

Not-so-much-loves: car rides (aka he puked on me driving home. yuck.), going poop outside (sad face), and walking on his leash.

I’m sure there will be lots more to add to this list shortly as we keep getting to know each other, but one day in that’s what I got! Compared to other crazy horror stories I had heard about puppies’ first night at home…Graham is doing SO great. He didn’t whine at all in his crate until around 2am when he needed to go pee, so that was pretty fantastic for us :) He is so cute all snuggled up in there with his favorite toy :) If anyone has any tips for crate-training or helpful blogs to check out, I’d LOVE to hear from ya — leave a comment below!!!!

Besides for figuring out life with a puppy, my now also includes finishing up some session edits, finalizing my website, FREAKING OUT over my AMAZING logo via Letters of Grace which I CAN’T WAIT TO SHOW YOU, watching Friday Night Lights, babysitting some really awesome-fun-silly kids, enjoying beautiful flowers, attempting to work out, reading great books, not cooking, and snuggling my hubs :)

What’s your now? Be in it. :)

Love love love,



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