Midweek Catch Up

Dear Summer,

Feel free to slow down anytime you’d like. 

Sincerely, it’s already halfway through the week and I feel like it’s still Sunday.

But really, am I right?! Anyone else’s week flying by??? I love how that’s the best thing ever during the school year, but once summertime hits…cheer with me everyone: We! Want! Slooowwwwwwww!!!

Anyway, this week has already been crazy busy & it’s just getting crazier! Between taking photos, editing photos, part-time babysitting for the cutest little munchkin around (I met the family by taking Bella’s 1 year pictures, which I just realized I never blogged as I went to go try to link to that…oops! Recap blog post will be coming soon because, umm, she is adorable!!), running errands, going to my first SPIN class (so. much. sweat.), grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking, business planning, and all of the other fun things I thought I’d get done this summer….I am definitely realizing that my “free time” is not so free! I don’t know how the momma’s of the world do all of this AND work AND raise kids….thanks Mom!!!

I wanted to go ahead and share some images with ya’ll from the rainy Sunday morning shoot I did with my co-teacher and her extended family! It is a little out of my typical style, as she wanted some traditional group shots of the whole family together, but still so much fun! We ended up traveling out to the Rocky River Reservation to take photos UNDERNEATH a huge bridge…and it actually worked super well :) You could never tell from these images that it was POURING above us! Ha!

2014.6.8 Hopkins Family Facebook Red-6523_STOMP 2014.6.8 Hopkins Family Facebook Red-6587_STOMP 2014.6.8 Hopkins Family Facebook Red-6592_STOMP 2014.6.8 Hopkins Family Facebook Red-6620_STOMP 2014.6.8 Hopkins Family Facebook Red-6645_STOMP 2014.6.8 Hopkins Family Facebook Red-6655_STOMP 2014.6.8 Hopkins Family Facebook Red-6666_STOMP

Love how they all color-coordinated — I can’t even imagine the craziness that must have been going on to get SIXTEEN people to all match :P Needless to say, the families were such troopers & I am so glad they were willing to try my crazy idea of taking photos under a bridge! Haha!!

Well, now I’m off to go babysitt!! Weather permitting, I will HOPEFULLY be taking my head shots (woot woot!!) with Lane Baldwin tomorrow morning for my new website, and then it’s off to Michigan for a GIRL’S WEEKEND with my college besties! I cannot WAIT to relax and catch up with some of my favorite girls…it’s going to be amazing :) Oh, and did I mention how post-girls-weekend, I am meeting my Dad halfway to pick up my two youngest siblings for the week?? I’m sure I will have lots of crazy stories from Matt & Allie’s Cleveland Adventure…so keep a look out :)

Hope your week is going wonderfully — we’re almost to the weekend!!

love love love,



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