Monday Lovin’: #puppyO, GAPFIT, & PB Coconut Oil Cookies

Hello friends, and HAPPY MONDAY! Some may say that phrase is an oxymoron, and I can pretty much guarantee that every single time I say this at the beginning of class today I will get plenty of eye rolls & annoyed sighs from my kiddos…but hey, that’s what teachers are for :)

As I was thinking about this post, a few specific things came to mind immediately. For example…

I am SUPER loving the fact that #puppyO was born this past week!!!! Chris and I put a downpayment on a future litter of GOLDEN DOODLES from this sweet sweet couple in the middle-of-nowhere Ohio wayyyyyy back in February, but it really hasn’t seemed real until we received the news that they were BORN & loving life!!! C and I spent the majority of last week obnoxiously checking the website, refreshing the page, and texting each other in anticipation while we waited for her to post pictures of the little guys, and PRAISE THE LORD she finally did on Thursday!! WOOHOO!! If you follow me on #instie you already got to see these snuggly little pups, but because no post is complete without a pic, I’m sharing it here too :)

Screenshot 2014-05-18 19.21.47


Screenshot 2014-05-18 19.23.19

Bah, I’m obsessed. It’s crazy to think that one of those puppies is OURS!!! We still have a good 6 weeks before we will get to take our little guy (or gal!) home, so in the meantime I will have to settle for trips to PetCo complete with cute little chevron & polka dot bow-ties and puppy rain boots :) :) The food section just in general overwhelms me as I have NO idea what we’re going to feed our little guy, so I tend to just stick around the frivolous section of adorable things!! Any suggestions on brands to go for / avoid?! Training tips are greatly appreciated too — seeing as I will be the one home for the majority of the summer, #puppyO & I will have lots of time to get to know each other :P Help a girl out!!

On a completely unrelated note, I am ALSO loving Gap’s workout clothing line!!! My mom gave me a Gap running shirt for Christmas this last year, but I hadn’t really checked out their stuff until this past weekend…and I might have gone a little crazy :) Everything is just so SOFT and airy and comfy — perfect for summer days & all the walks I will be taking the-above-mentioned on!

And finally, I am loving this recipe for Soft & Puffy Peanut Butter Coconut Oil Cookies I had pinned months ago and finally got around to making today!! Guys, I am FAMOUS for ruining cookies: mine always turn out super flat & lack that gooey amazingness that I so love in other people’s baking!!! However, these cookies were SO easy & turned out super round and awesome!!! The recipe recommended refrigerating the pre-shaped dough for an hour or two before baking, and I think that is what really did the trick!! They are SO soft and chewy — you should definitely go whip up a batch right now :) :)

And that’s a wrap!!! With the end of school in sight, I am so excited to enter into the busy season of summer — lots of posts will be coming your way shortly :) I will be shooting my first PROPOSAL this upcoming weekend in Chagrin and am so stinkin’ excited to capture one of the best surprises in life for such a great couple!! Here’s to enjoying the day — being intentional with life — and always looking up at those around you. Happy Monday!!


(photos from Adelynn’s 1 Year session in January)


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