So Punny

Outside of chai tea, Mcdonald’s cokes, photography, seeing students ENJOY learning, and my main loves (God, hubs, family/friends), there are not many things that make me more happy than a joke with a good pun to it! (I am almost positive this is a trait strait from my Dad — the King of Corny Jokes/Puns if there ever was one! Don’t ever ask him “What’s up?”…his answer will always be: “A preposition!”) There is just something about making the connection to what the word is supposed to be and what it is being used as…bah I just love it :) Yes, I’m an English nerd…it’s okay.


Anyway, this morning my kiddos were waiting for the 8 oclock bell to ring, and a student running for Sophomore Class President started passing around Laffy Taffy to encourage votes in his favor :) Obbbbbviously, I had each one of them read their jokes out-loud, because EVERYONE knows Laffy Taffy jokes are the best around! Right?? There were a lot of winners, but this one was my favorite by farrrr:

Q: “Why did the skeleton go to the movies alone??”

A: “He had no body to go with!!!”

I died. The tears almost started rolling I was laughing so hard, and I definitely clapped a few times too (a trait that comes straight from my Mom on the other hand — the only other woman I know who can out-laugh me!! Haha!) Now, I’m not sure if this was because it was only 7:56something, or if my Claritin meds were making me a little…easily entertained, or what, but let’s just say I’m pretty sure my students were more so laughing at ME than at the joke. #oops

But that’s okay because my students laugh at me a lot.

Screenshot 2014-05-15 17.42.31


Happy Thursday, and may you enjoy laughing at the little things too!


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