Monday Lovin’ | Final Shelley Wedding Sneak Peek


This Monday, I am thankful for long drives with my favorite guy in the world. For AMAZING 70 degree Virginia weather, rolling hills, and curvy roads.

I’m thankful for old friends, great convos, and BEAUTIFUL weddings.

But most importantly, I’m so thankful for getting to experience all of those things within ONE weekend — not to mention a trip to the most AMAZING Target ever, multiple 7-11 Slurpee runs, dancing the night away with my family & friends, and, oh yeah, that time when C & I decided to do a quick stop at Ikea on our way home :)

Lauren and Justin had SUCH a beautiful day for their wedding — it was perfect in every single way, and I am so glad we were able celebrate their love and future together!!! Forgive the iPhone pics…but I figured I would leave my baby at home and let the wedding photographer capture all of the real images :) Her work is amazing by the way, see the sneak peek of Lauren & Justin’s wedding here!




Also, my little brother had a minor obsession with the photo-booth.


But who am I to judge?! :)



Especially since I share his knack for obsessing…mine is just more directed towards 7-11 and slurpees :)  My “About Me” book in Kindergarten will attest to that…while all of the other kids aspired to be “doctors” or “vets”, I chose “7-11 Slurpee Operator” as my future profession :) Hey, at least I get points for creativity??


The infamous Ikea trip :) In and out in under an hour…I’d say Chris lucked out :P And so did I, with some BEAUTIFUL Ribba frames…can’t wait to get those bad boys up!!   20140324-110104.jpg

And now, I am just rockin’ out grown-up-spring-break style…chai tea, grey’s anatomy, and editing pictures are in my future for today :) With that, I leave you with the LAST sneak peek of Amanda and Dave’s wedding! Amanda wrote such a sweet letter for Dave to open up on the morning of their big day — and included a nifty gift and note too! Look for the full blog post by Wednesday :) 201438ShelleyBradyFR-1413_STOMP.jpg

Happy Monday!



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