Gettin’ into the Groove: Direction

As an English teacher, I have this thing where I love words. This usually results in an obsession with quotes, etsy prints, novels, and all things inspirational; however, it also means that I rock New Year’s WORDS instead of resolutions (because let’s face it, who’s really great at keeping those anyway?!)


So, way back in January, I decided my word of 2014 would actually just be a continuation of 2013: intention.

However, as I reflect on these past few months (not to mention the fact that it’s ALREADY MARCH?!), I’ve decided intention is no longer gonna cut it. While I still love being intentional, and while I still love my cute Etsy quote (on the right)…..2014 is going to need to move in a different direction. And that right there, my friends, is the new word of the year: DIRECTION.

Because, as a girl friend once told me in college, “Direction, not intention, dictates where you will go.” So, here’s to having good intents AND acting upon them. Here’s to actually applying things to my life I currently just appreciate. Here’s to making some moves and gettin’ into the groove. Who wants to join me?

Let’s turn our intentions into ACTIONS. We got this : )

And, because no post is complete without an awesome picture, here’s a preview for my first wedding of 2014! Beautiful, exciting, joyful, romantic — it was the BEST way to kick off the season. Enjoy!


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